Prepping for Chinese New Year

We are a little late in prepping for Chinese New Year this year because we had been away on our holiday and then we took turns falling sick (Bubba and me). I did however manage to squeeze in time to do up my nails and hair – thankfully!

And then there was a flurry of emails from Bubba’s school who were all geared up to usher in the year of the Monkey in a big way! We were bummed that Bubba was not well during the week to participate in the lead-up to the festivities. Bubba is on a 5-day course of antibiotics and the Man had wanted to keep her at home before Chinese New Year. But we discussed and since her fever was gone and she has the occasional cough every now and then, we decided to let her go into school for the first half of the day to take part in the festivities with her little friends.


Parents are strongly encouraged to dress up their little ones in the Chinese traditional costume or in festive colours as well as to contribute Chinese New Year goodies to share with their peers. I had all of a couple of hours to prep the goodies and decided to keep it really simple because I knew that the school would probably prep the usual snacks like love letters, kueh bangkit, tarts, etc.

img_2969So I rushed down to the nearest Cold Storage/ Guardian and popped a pack of Fortune Cookies into my basket. I went home and then placed each cookie inside a red packet to play up to the celebratory theme. Quick, simple and fuss-free. I tried a cookie just to make sure that it tasted alright before feeding to the kiddos (don’t want the parents to scream at me). And it did taste pretty ok, like a vanilla crispy cookie which I think the kids will enjoy.

img_3005Looks like the Bub is all set for her second Chinese New Year… what about you? 😉

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