I survived….

img_2341Oooh-kay… I survived my first-ever trip away from Bubba. All of 11 days! The first few days were tough.. I was wondering if she would be ok, will she miss us, will she cry? But the equal time that she spent with her grandparents plus the voice clips, photos and videos did reassure us that she’s in good hands.

img_2522But it was a good break.. hanging out with our friends on the slopes, catching up with dear ones over car-rides and just taking in the moment.

img_2541img_2401Thanks to the Man, I scored myself a new spanking new outfit complete with board, bindings, boots as well as helmet and googles. Yup, decided to go with muted tones for my new snowboard outfit this time round. Am tired of sticking out like a sore-thumb on the slopes especially when I’m super slow.

img_2394We made Chamonix the base of our trip for our friends very kindly offered up their place for us to stay. It was a blast but not too over-crowded having 9 people under a roof.










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