Dinner for Bubba and Mama: Chicken Drumsticks

I’ve seen some of my friends kids polish off chicken drumsticks and chicken wings like an expert. While Bubba is eating her meals like an adult (ie: rice with chunks of minced meat, beef or fish, vegetables, etc) and prefers manageable bite-sized portions, I wasn’t sure if she is capable of chewing the meat off the drumstick.

IMG_5717Well, to be fair, when she was all of 7 months old with probably 2 teeth, she did chomp on a chicken drumstick and had fun gnawing the pieces. Now with more teeth, she should be able to manage the chicken drumstick right?

So I decided to search a finger-licking good recipe, one that can be made for little ones and us big ones (to save time). Found this recipe from Food 4 Tots and decided to adapt this for our dinner one evening.

img_1628I adapted the recipe a little omitting the worchestershire sauce, chilli sauce and the grated ginger. In terms of flavouring, it may not be as strong but it does taste pretty good to me.


More importantly, the little one also thought it wasn’t too bad. At first, she picked up the drumstick and wondered to herself what’s this gooey thing that I’m holding. She dropped it like a hot potato. We had to convince her that it was her dinner that she’s eating and then proceeded to hold a drumstick each which showed her that it’s totally edible.

Verdict? A fairly simple recipe that’s quick to whip up for dinner on weeknights if you are in a hurry. Bubba needs more practise to clean out the bone but otherwise, I think she’s doing fine!

Next up, chicken wings for Bubba!


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