Was it CAPTUREd?

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img_1642We put Capture from Our Lifestyle Shop to the test recently and was impressed with its power to CAPTURE (no pun intended) those messy spills.

img_1641When I received this product, in my head, I was wondering just how am I going to stage the review? I had grand plans to either spill something on the floor and then sprinkle CAPTURE to test its properties. I let the idea sit in my head for a bit and it took all of 1 day before I found myself running towards the bag to whip it out to use it. Why? Because YUP, Bubba has accidentally peed on our bed. FYI, she still wears her diapers to bed, but spills do occur! That morning, she sheepishly crept up to me and went ‘OH NO, Poo!’ What she really meant was PEE!

img_1644 I quickly opened the new bottle of CAPTURE and gently sprinkled the powder on the soiled area on our bed. Pictures are all captured via my iPhone because I didn’t have time to deal with a somewhat cranky child and trying to deal with the mess that she had just made. The Man must have been out for his morning golf-game!

img_1646Meanwhile, at some point in time, I managed to calm cranky kid by giving her what she wants – TV time. while I continue to fuss with messy stain. It says on the guide that I just need one minute for the powder to absorb the spill. Thereafter, I would just need to sweep up and dispose the gel/ powder appropriately (ie: preferably in the bin).

img_1645This was taken after I sprinkled CAPTURE evenly over the soiled area.

img_1647After a minute or two, I went back to soiled area to check if CAPTURE really did work? And it did!!

img_1648I swept away the excess powder and if you look hard enough, you would see that the soiled wet portion is now dry.

img_1651I almost couldn’t believe my eyes as I swept away the excess CAPTURE powder. I thought to myself ‘Woah, this stuff actually works in about a minute!‘ When Sulin from Our Lifestyle Shop shared how easy CAPTURE can be used, I took it with a pinch of salt because she was the product expert. But it truly was that easy to use CAPTURE and quick to clean up those messy spills/ stains when they happen.

img_1651Like what the bottle aptly described – CAPTURE truly is the EMERGENCY clean-up powder! Okay, so what happens now that CAPTURE managed to absorb the messy spills/ stains? Apparently, once I clean up the powder, our sheets are good to be used again. Again, that’s very useful to know as the powder is non-toxic and it has a fresh floral scent that actually neutralises odours. So for a tiny soiled area and if CAPTURE can do the job neatly and cleanly, we don’t need to throw our sheets into the washing machine immediately. Of course, we didn’t let Bubba sleep on that same area again as I didn’t want her skin to be exposed directly with the powder.

CAPTURE is really handy to have around the house. It’s ideal for spills, odour control and can be used on vomit, blood/ body fluids, urine and messy food spills. It can be used on various surfaces, hard and soft. In our case, I guess we probably find the most mileage for usage on our bed as well as the sofa where Bubba likes to lie around.

img_1981About CAPTURE:
It is a super absorbent powder that instantly encapsulates messy spills into an easy-to-handle gel and eliminates unwanted odours. It uses modern polymer technology to turn any water-based spill into a solid gel so that it will not run or drip for easy pick up and disposal.

img_2204Here’s another typical incident that happens when Bubba sleeps on our bed! Yup, twice that week! Lucky us! ARGH!! This time round, I had to use CAPTURE on our dark sheets. You can’t really see the effect unlike the one with the lighter sheets but it did do the job of absorbing the spill.

img_1985Lastly, if you are expecting a clump of gel after CAPTURE is used on a spill, well, I don’t think that it would be the case. I was half expecting that but after putting CAPTURE to use twice, I think safe to say, it’s little gel balls that you can look out for to sweep/ clean away. I also think that the result is also dependent on how much powder you use to capture the spill. If more is used, then you will be clearing more of the powder rather than the little gel balls (pictured above on light blue sheets).

Well, I hope this review gives you confidence to head out there and purchase this product. As with majority of the products under Our Lifestyle Shop, CAPTURE is indeed useful have on hand!

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Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received a bottle of CAPTURE from Our Lifestyle Shop to test and review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using the products/services. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

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