Toddler class promotion

One would think that Bubba having gone to school since she was 9 months small would have no trouble adapting to her new class under Toddler care. I was wrong. When friends shared that their bubs first week in school, the crying during drop-off and the child’s delay tactics. I made a mental note and hope that it wouldn’t happen to us. But it did.

The class promotion from Infant to Toddler clearly had an effect on her. Despite the environment being the same (ie: same school), her friends are the same (all 3 of them were from the same Infant class), she still didn’t adapt too quickly into the new class. Perhaps she needs more time to get use to the new teacher assigned to the class. Perhaps she needs more time to get use to the different scheduled activities meant for the little ones instead of it being free-flow throughout the day in her infant class. Perhaps she just needs more time to get used to the friends who seem a lot bigger than her now.


I found it surprising when she screamed blue murder and clung on tightly to the Man and myself when we dropped her off at school. She cried ‘No, Mama! No, Daddy!‘ I guess it made it harder to leave her behind now that she can speak and express her feelings.


So for the first week of school,  we made an effort to bring Bubba to school a little earlier so that we can settle her into the new routine which included health check and breakfast. The first 2 days after she figured she was no longer in her comfort zone, she was a little clingy. But according to her teacher, she whined/cried for a while and then got distracted with playing with the rest of her friends and basically participated in the activities.

jpeg image-5d330bed90c7-1According to her teacher, she loves playground time and would also participate in the class activity. I take comfort in seeing  her play with her little friends, most of who she spent her time at Infant Care class with. Not sure if it even matters to her but I think having a couple of familiar faces do help.

jpeg image-ed773614680f-1She’s taking a while to adjust to the new schedule as well, such as sleeping time and getting used to the new foods that the school have introduced. When it comes to pasta, she would prefer not to eat it and would cry when being fed by the teacher. She does love her fruit and would get away with 2 servings of it from her teacher.

As for sleeping time, the school would put the kids for their nap from 1.30pm to about 3pm. Bubba would usually feel sleepy at about 11.30am and would be cranky when she doesn’t get her way. Apparently on one of the days, she actually fell asleep on her teacher’s shoulder and slept all the way till 2.30pm (skipped her lunch and shower). According to her teacher, this was a first and she was so amazed that she announced to all the teachers in her school. OOPS…

jpeg image-0b60fd18e941-1It’s been about a week and a half since she attended her class in toddler care and we are seeing how our little one has somewhat grown up. She now insists that she feeds herself. She would also pick her bowl and walk over to the kitchen sink to put her bowl when she’s finished with her meal. When we are done playing with her toys in the room, she will also help to pack up. In a flash, my baby girl is baby no more.

Don’t be in a hurry to grow up so quickly my little one…

More updates on Bubba’s survival in Toddler Class to follow…

2 thoughts on “Toddler class promotion

  1. Stella says:

    Hi J, will you mind sharing with me which school did you place Little S in? I am considering sending my baby in for pre nursery or earlier at 12-15months. Thanks so much

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