That sloppy wet kiss..


Before Bubba drifted off to bed last night, we snuggled under the sheets and I hugged her as she slowly closed her eyes. I whispered to her ‘I love you Fifi!‘ (one of the many nicks that I have for her) and saw her eyes flicker. It was that moment, she pulled her little head up and then lunged forward to plonk a sloppy wet kiss on me before letting her head fall back on to the pillow.

I didn’t believe my little girl would do this, much less understand how much our hearts welled with love and joy and would do anything within our power for her. As I gazed on her little face, I realised my baby is growing way up too fast. It does sound cliché but time really does go by so quickly! I wish I could capture all these priceless moments and I guess the only way I can do that is to pencil it down here..



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