Here we go – Chamonix 2016


I was trying to see when was the last time I actually hit the slopes. I found this.. Hakuba 2013! Suddenly, it feels like ages ago! I forgot in between, I got pregnant, had a child and basically, felt old and didn’t want to break my bones falling down the slopes!

Our friends had planned for their annual ski/ snowboarding trip and invited the Man and I along. The Man thought it would be good to get back into the groove and hit the slopes, plus take some time off from Bubba. I was a little reluctant to do so but who knows what will happen the nearly 2 weeks that I will be away from her since her birth. Gulps, how will I survive without seeing her everyday??

We are leaving her in the good hands of my Mom and my MIL. I know she will be dearly cared for during our absence but as a Mom, I can’t help but worry. What if she cries for me to put her to bed? What if she thinks we have abandoned her? But my Mom assures me that she will be fine. I know she will be. Furthermore, the trip has already been planned for, so I will go. I know she will be be in good hands but I’m not sure about me.

20130227-180535.jpgMore importantly, I worry and hope I will be able to survive manoeuvring the treacherous slopes of Chamonix. I think my old bag of bones may not be able to make it, but well, the Man promised me new gear and a spanking new outfit to replace my old one, so I guess that’s an incentive for me.

Fingers crossed!


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