Shopping for Bubba in Japan

Remember this post?  Our first trip with Bubba to Tokyo where we nearly felt helpless when we realised we couldn’t get diapers that readily. Thankfully, we learn. After this incident, we decided not to be too ‘gung-ho’ about essentials for Bubba. This includes, diapers and milk powder.

So for this trip, we brought sufficient diapers to last us for at least 4-5 days and milk powder. Had to make a mental note to try and get us at least one pack of diapers in the event that we run out. Our stop at Yufuin saw us picking up a pack of Moony Diapers from a supermarket cahin called Max Value. Moony Diapers are priced reasonably lower than what you would get in Singapore, I wished we had bought back cartons but the Man restrained me.

We didn’t get much shopping done for Bubba given that our stay in Fukuoka was pretty short but the Man found Don Quijote (think upscale Mustafa) a stone’s throw away from our hotel so we squeezed in a quick trip. Didn’t get too much because our luggage was bursting at the seams!

img_0844So if you are heading to Fukuoka with a toddler, this might either be your first stop to stock up supplies for the trip or your last to bring stuff back home. 🙂

img_0843Japanese snacks, electrolyte drinks, milk powder! There was also another section of milk bottles and baby toiletries. We didn’t get any because Bubba has sufficient toiletries for now. What I did get was a pair of nail clippers for babies/ toddlers. It came equipped with a pair of magnifying lens which I thought was pretty cool for ‘old folks’ like us. We also grabbed a box of Meiji milk powder (been wanting to try this out for the packaging looks way too convenient) and also a toothbrush for Bubba.

Here are some other items that the Man bought back:
img_0847Tucked in this cute box are diapers in Hello Kitty print. How cute are they?!

img_0848 Slightly more expensive as each diaper cost almost a $1 so we got one box to try just for fun. Can’t be too sure of the quality for we have not come across of this brand yet but if you did, do share if it’s any good!

img_0846We also grabbed these electrolyte flavoured water for Bubba as she was suffering from diarrhoea on New Year’s Eve. We weren’t able to find soy milk at the supermarket and according to a Japanese friend, it’s almost unheard of – powdered soy milk. So we got these and fed Bubba some to keep her hydrated and hoped that her diarrhoea would go away. 😦

img_0785-1We also spent a fair amount of time checking out the shelves of the supermarket store whenever we saw one. Love the variety of cheeses and the food available for the young kids. So bummed because we bought like 5 packs of the cheese that Bubba loves but we completely forgot to take it out of the hotel fridge for we were rushing to the hotel. Argh!!!

Other stuff that we managed to get while going window-shopping was a My Melody water bottle, a Hummingbird candy caddy that can double-up as a school bag for Bubba and a My Melody capelet (pictured above) for Bubba. Making a mental note that if we were ever to go Japan again, I need a day to slowly shop for Bubba. Hehe..


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