Bubba said what…

img_1485At 18 months, Bubba has become quite a chatterbox. When she wants things her way, we realise that she is like a broken recorder. Thought it would be nice to just list down some of the things that she said that really got both me and the Man laughing..

In the car with Bubba’s car-tunes playing in the background or at home watching television:

Bubba: ‘Little Lamb, Little Lamb?’
(Parents ignore her request because she can’t make up her mind what song or show she wants exactly.)
Bubba: ‘Don’t want. No nice. Change!’
Us: ‘Are you sure you want to change the song?
Bubba: ‘I sure.’

During meal-times:

Bubba: ‘Feed self
Yea, she recently learned how to feed herself at school and has been wanting to do it on her own during dinner-time at home.

When I picked her up at school the other day, went to her class and found her crying in a corner. The poor gal has just changed classes and still adjusting to a new environment, so I wasn’t too worried.

Me: ‘Sophie, are you ok? What happened?’
Bubba: ‘I crying!’ 

I need to document these fleeting moments before my #mombie brains take over.


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