Reflections on Infant Care

I feel a little sentimental writing this post on Bubba graduating from her little Infant Care cohort as she moves on to the toddler class in her school. Yeah, granted that it’s still within the same school but her teachers will be different and her class will be bigger from before. The attention that was given at Infant class is also different from the Toddler one, likewise the activities that they will be doing as well as the school prepare the little ones to be a little more independent and to socialise with the rest of her peers.

Like any nervous parent, I was worried whether Bubba could accommodate to the new structure and whether her new teachers would be nice. One thing good about being in the same school is that the teachers from her Infant class could take about 1.5 – 2 weeks prior to slowly transit her into the Toddler class. I was hopeful that that should buy us some time for her to adapt to the new environment.

Unfortunately for us, Bubba caught a stomach flu bug and stayed out of school for about a week. Thereafter, the school imposed a 10-day quarantine on her where she was not allowed to mix with the kids from other classes and we went on holiday before the year ended so she never really do the whole transition thing. So come a few days later, I will once morph back into a nervous wreck like I did the first week of her Infant Care and wonder if she is doing okay.

img_3150But before we move on to that phase of her life, I thought it would be nice to re-cap the 9 odd months that Bubba spent in her little Infant Care cohort where we have seen her grow into a confident and really sociable little girl who loves dishing out smiles and occasional hugs to her little friends.

img_3127At about 9 months small, we started Bubba in Infant Care. It took about 2 weeks before the screams would somewhat stop when we dropped her off in school. We saw how she had grown within the 3 months and how she would participate in the activities. Over time, we also grew closer to her teachers who would keep us updated of Bubba’s progress.

img_3126For instance, when Bubba turned one, they started to transit her out of the baby cot and for her to sleep on the floor with the rest of the older kids. This is to get her ready for the Toddler class where most of the kids will be taking their afternoon nap on the classroom floor. The school teachers also do not recommend using any sleeping aids where possible, so we managed to wean Bubba off her pacifier when she was about 9 months odd. These days to get her to nap, all we need is a bottle of milk and if she’s sufficiently tired, she will drift off to dreamland with minimal fuss.

img_3149On self-feeding, the teachers have done a great job of encouraging Bubba to feed herself. At home, sometimes its a different story as the care-givers prefer to feed her and get her to finish up her meal faster. Now at 18 months, I think she’s doing well on self-feeding. As for introducing textures to Bubba when it comes to food, they have also followed our cues. Bubba can be quite a fussy eater when it comes to new flavours, so it’s great to see her enjoying other types of dishes.

img_3134Bubba’s school adopt the relationships-based approach method and they do their best to establish this foundation for the young children to build positive relationships in order to develop life-long positive learning dispositions. As parents, we are given weekly updates on Bubba’s lessons plans which revolve around her psycho-social self, her physical self and to hone her thinking and communication skills.

img_3132As a parent, I also appreciate how the school tries to keep the parents updated on Bubba’s progress. We are given regular updates on the school’s activities via emails and we can access a parent portal via an app to track on Bubba’s progress. I recall vividly those photo updates was what I was looking forward to the most throughout the day when I was at work. Every 4- 6 months, we would get an invitation from her teacher who will share in-depth on Bubba’s development in school. We beamed with delight when her teacher shared that she is thriving very well in school and enjoys learning new things. They were also suitably impressed when Bubba would break out in song while doing an activity or go up to them occasionally to sing to them. Aww..

I just hope that when she moves on to the Toddler Class she would remain just as positive and curious about picking up new things along the way. I’ve been putting off packing her school bag for the longest time so I better do it tonight! Will share those updates with you as she hits her next milestone.

img_3133Till then, goodbye from this cheeky monster who hopefully won’t give us this look when we drop her off in her new class! Fingers and toes crossed plus wish us tonnes of luck!!


16 thoughts on “Reflections on Infant Care

  1. mmlittlee says:

    Awwww so sweet! She smiled at you at the window when she was going down for her nap! Congratulations on meeting the milestone! Happy to see that she’s always happy in school.

    • Lady J says:

      Haha .. she smiled at the teacher actually.. They do all the photographing of the child. 🙂 I’m also happy when I see her happy pictures in school. Hehe..

  2. Cherie says:

    She seems really happy in school! I am sure she will cope well in school. Kids adapt so much better than adults and don’t worry too much! I love that you are getting loads of feedback from the teachers though, I don’t hear as much from my kids’ teachers!

  3. lobsterman78 says:

    It is a privilege to have close family members helping out with taking care of babies. Going through separation must be very difficult in the beginning. All the best in her new class!

  4. PrayerFull Mum says:

    Oh Bubba is so cute and sweet… it takes time to adjust and then, a new routine starts right?? From the pictures, your girl seems to enjoy herself in school and it’s nice to document her milestones. I didn’t do much of that for my girl on the blog, and sometimes I regret that (haha!)

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