Letter to Sophie X 18 months

tpjoanne_109Dear Bubba,

You’ve just recovered from 2 bouts of sickness in just a mere few weeks apart. Of course, it pains us horribly to see you sick but we are also thankful that you are a trooper when sick. The worse for me as your Mama was when you had your gastric flu. Like what a mama friend shared, it felt like I was carrying a little ‘merlion’. Thankfully, the gastric flu wasn’t too serious. We obviously kept you at home during that time and you had a ball of a time watching TV most of the time. Hehe..


At 18 months, you are now a full-fledged toddler displaying signs of terrible twos to come. There are the good days and the not-so-good ones. On good days, you badger us to play your fave songs and games. Often, you are like our little hurricane. Always zipping off to find something to mess around or to marvel at.

On the not-so-good days, those meltdowns that you have or belting out ‘No! Don’t want!‘ really do test our patience.  But I guess it comes with the whole parenting gig. We will just have to find our groove.

tpjoanne_155Not quiet achievements or milestones but thought I list some of your cute quirks:

  • You really do love to sing. At 18 months small, your fave tunes include ‘The Wheels on the Bus’, ‘Mary had a little lamb’, ‘Old MacDonald had a farm’, ‘BINGO’, ‘The Alphabet Song‘. Sometimes when I’m behind the wheel and put on ‘Let it go‘ from the Frozen soundtrack, you will humour me by singing ‘Let it gooooo…‘ too.
  • Thank you for being Mama’s little muse. Sometimes when I put on a new outfit on you, you will prance around the room and go ‘Pretty, Pretty!‘ Oops!
  • I love our bedtime rituals where you will pick out a book, or maybe four books and plonk them on to our bed. You will then shove the book into my face demanding me to read it to you before your milk feed where you will then roll around in our bed before drifting off to dream-land.
  • On sleeping through the night? I think we achieved that but the past couple of nights have been rough because you would wake us up at 2 or 3am wailing. No amount of hugging or cajoling you to stop wailing would help. In the end, your tired-out parentals just let you wail your lungs out. When you figured there’s no one to pacify you thereafter, you eventually stopped. I just hope these are just isolated incidents. On this note, we’ve also been thinking if we should transition you to a proper toddler bed because you seem to be outgrowing your cot. Perhaps I’m in denial, but I’m not quite ready to have you out of the room yet. I still want to wake up and go to bed with my favorite people around me! <feeling emo already>


Can’t quite believe that the year is almost over and that you are moving on to the toddler class in the new year. I’m feeling all nervous inside, wondering if you are able to adapt to a new environment, a new teacher and more friends instead of the specialised attention that you have been used to. But your dad says that you are resilient and your cheerful/ friendly disposition would be able to tide you by. I just hope so.

Looking very much to our first winter holiday in Japan soon before we send you off to your new class in Jan 2016!

Only wishing the best for you and we love you to the moon and back!

xoxo: Mama


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