Precious photo memories

Apart from the occasional OFTD shots that I take, I usually feel awkward when it comes to photo shoots. Bubba, on the other hand, I’m not sure even notice the presence of the camera. I’m thankful that she flashes her wide toothy smiles for the camera. So we are really glad to go back to Hart from Tomato Photo to have our family shots taken. This is probably our third time working with Hart. Apart from the setting being an outdoor one, the man behind the camera and his work of art remains the same.

img_9936We planned the shoot since September but because of the haze, we had to postpone the shoot to November! We were travelling in between and I had a major work event to oversee. November seemed like the only time we were free. But a couple of weeks before the shoot, Bubba fell really ill and I was worried she wouldn’t be up for it. Thankfully, she was!

img_9484Most of our photo-shoots with Bubba were done indoors at a studio where we could somewhat control the environment. This time round, we wanted something different. No static background, a place for Bubba to roam while we capture her in her natural state. So many things could go wrong with outdoor shoots – the weather, the environment, the lighting, etc.

img_9491Being noobs at outdoor shoots, we didn’t quite know where to go either. I wanted an outdoor backdrop with lush greenery and was all set to choose Botanic Gardens as the location (yeah, I know, boring…). While the Man said that the greenery at Botanic Gardens isn’t that great nor special, so after discussion with Hart, we decided to go with his suggestion of Marina Bay Sands which offer us both the option of an indoor and outdoor setting should the external factors fail on us.

img_9938Luckily for us, on the day of the shoot, despite a heavy downpour in the wee hours of the morning, the sun did came out to play and the haze went away. We were greeted with smiles all round and our little one was in a cheerful mood (thanks to Uncle Hart who humoured Bubba along the way).

img_9937Bubba attempting to jump! She can’t do that yet but it’s really quite funny watching her trying her best to jump!


img_9490Needless to say, these shots are really precious and so well-captured under Hart’s lens. Can’t wait to share more of these shots in some of our blog-posts. 🙂


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