Playin pretend

IMG_7781 Feels not quite too long ago that Bubba is just a baby, now I look at this little face and I see a little girl in front of me. Did all that time really just zoom by that quickly? Whoa.. where did it all go?

IMG_7771And it does seem like we are slowly inching towards the much-dreaded ‘Terrible Twos’ phase that everyone so fondly talks about. I didn’t quite think we would be looking at managing a young toddler who’s barely even 18 months but the signs seem to be pointing towards that. Her fave word these days is largely NO which would be accompanied by furious head-shaking from left to right if she doesn’t get her way. Sometimes, we don’t let her get away with it and just sternly stare at her and let her finish her screams/ cries. Not sure if this tactic will work, but let’s see.

IMG_7786 The Man told me that the other day he was walking Sparky and Bubba. He stopped to take some pictures of the duo. What Bubba did next was actually quite funny! For some strange reason, she decided to pretend cry.
IMG_7788 When the Man and the dog decided to ignore her cries, it eventually turned into real cries. I kid you not.. I thought it was quite funny to be honest.


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