Checking out: Odette

IMG_5356Doesn’t seem too recent now but a couple of weeks back, we were invited to Chef Julien’s opening of his restaurant – Odette – now situated at the National Gallery. Everything smelled very new and stepping into Odette reminded me vaguely of the restaurants in New  York – inviting tall ceilings with white drapes over the floor-to-wall glass windows.

IMG_5359We were given one of the best tables in the restaurant with an amazing view of the chef and his team-members in action with a full-on view of the kitchen. Made for an interesting table conversation if we ever ran out of topics as we saw what really went on behind the scenes. I remembered my first experience at Jaan where we were given a table near the kitchen and I could hear Chef Julien giving orders to his team from outside. You won’t get any of such hair-raising action here at Odette, thanks to the thick glass automated doors that actually block out the noise.

IMG_5361A couple of Chef Julien’s signature dishes in Jaan made a comeback here and one shouldn’t be surprised actually. At first sight, I could immediately tell that these were Chef’s creations, nothing mind-blowingly new, but culinary creations that we were used to. Perhaps just different use of ingredients presented on different tableware. IMG_5362 IMG_5365IMG_5372If you are not a fan of beet-root, this Beetroot Medley with a interesting take on different textures of beetroot will make you a fan.

IMG_5382 IMG_5395The Chef remembers that we love our truffles very much! The first batch of black truffles had just arrived, so we got treated to some of those over our cod-fish.

IMG_5399As always, the pigeon always cooked very well under the Chef’s masterful hands so this ain’t no different. The meat juicy and tender at each bite.

IMG_5390 IMG_5403A highlight of our meal is a private tour into the kitchen where we witnessed what really went on behind the scenes. This time round, bring on the heat and the pots/ pans clinking at the background for full-on effect noise as we sat on a proper table and enjoyed our refreshing Lime and Basil Sorbet palette cleanser.

IMG_5408We definitely missed Chef Julien’s cooking when he took a break to start up Odette but couldn’t be more thrilled with his new restaurant and to savour his cooking again. We definitely will be back! 🙂

1 St. Andrew’s Road #01-04 National Gallery Museum Singapore, Singapore 178957 (City Hall MRT)
Tel: +65 6385 0498
Reservation Hours: Lunch 12pm – 1:45pm, Dinner, 6pm – 9:45pm


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