Alba white truffle home-cooked meal

IMG_4651 One of the prized buys for the Man during our Italy trip (suddenly feels like a while back) has gotta be this white truffle that he carefully procured in Alba. It was the early stages of the truffle season and he was mighty pleased to have purchased one during our trip. We had high hopes of bringing it home and then bringing it to our fave chef to see what he could do for us.

But, we hadn’t realise how fragile the tartufo was! At a restaurant that we were at, the lady owner helped to examine our white truffle and told us that it would probably last for about 3 days. That got the Man in a pickle! Fortunately, she shared how we could keep our white truffle and transport it carefully back to Singapore on a plane. So that’s what the Man tried to do – stuff the truffle in a jar of risotto. But despite what he did, some moisture did go into the white truffle. 😦 Regardless, we still ate everything up! Ain’t no wasting this truffle.

Presenting our home-cooked white truffle meal whipped up by the Man and the BFF!

IMG_4653Risotto with caramelised onions and white truffle shavings

IMG_4661Sous vide egg with mashed potato puree and Jamon Iberico crisp with white truffle shavings

IMG_4665Pan-fried scallops with kiwi sauce and white truffle shavings

It was a lovely attempt to whip up this meal and certainly a memorable one indeed. I think next time, we probably leave it to the chefs to do the job.


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