Getting crafty this Christmas

Gotta love Mama friends, especially those that don’t mind sharing tips on activities that you could do with your toddlers. One such Mama friend is Mama Libby who shared this fab Christmas tree activity idea with the rest of the Mamas. When I first saw the video which she shared, I thought ‘This shouldn’t be too difficult to replicate. I could get majority of the materials from Daiso.’ And so I did. Dragged the BF@W down to Daiso over lunch to get all the crafting materials for PXT > Code name : Project Christmas Tree for Bubba.

IMG_8548Remember the quiet book that I had wanted to make for Bubba? I eventually chickened out and ended up buying them online instead. This Christmas tree craft idea felt like it was seemingly a lot easier to execute. I got all the materials from Daiso but I’m sure you could also get it from your neighbourhood bookstore if they retail similar craft materials. What I liked about the stuff I got from Daiso was these felt stickers that made it easy for me to do up the decor for the tree. But they were also super sticky, so much so, Bubba had trouble trying to peel them away from her fingers.

IMG_8570Presenting Bubba’s very own felt Christmas Tree!! I’m pretty proud of how it turned out! πŸ™‚ First, I outlined the tree and cut up the green felt. BF@W suggested adding tassels that looked like light-bulbs to give the tree a festive feel. We found some tassels with pom poms which I thought look super cute for the tree. So I stuck them with some double-sided tape on the felt green tree which I had cut out earlier.

IMG_8571For the decor, I did simple ones in round shapes and triangle shapes. This would help Bubba identify the names of these objects that we so commonly see. Mama Libby’s craft Christmas tree was pretty cool, what she did was to mark out and name the shapes on her tree. Sophie Rose then had to stick and match the exact shapes on to her tree. I must say Sophie Rose is one smart little lass! πŸ™‚

IMG_8574 I didn’t know if Bubba could do the same and perhaps I got tired after doing up all the different shapes for the decor that I didn’t want to mark the specific shapes out on my tree. So I outlined just 3 shapes for presents in the hope of encouraging Bubba to stick the presents on to her tree. For the rest of the decor, I left it pretty much to free-play.

IMG_8582And free-play it was. Bubba was rather fascinated by her own tree. I guess I set the expectations because I kept telling her ‘Mama’s going to make you a tree.’ to which she nodded quite enthusiastically when I asked if she wanted one.

IMG_8589Before her bedtime, we decided to forego the usual story-telling and let Bubba indulge in some Christmas tree decoration.IMG_8583Well, she did look like she had fun peeling the stickers off from her make-believe tree and then putting them back on to the tree again. Never mind that she can’t quite match the exact shapes on to the outline of the tree, she had more fun peeling them off and them sticking them on and around the tree. That to me is satisfaction that she had fun playing with this little craft that I made for her. <Beams rather proudly at this little achievement!>

IMG_8595This simple to-do craft idea is one that’s really so easy to replicate for the festive season. Pop in those Christmas carols and get your little ones into the Christmas mood by encouraging them to decorate their very own Christmas craft tree. Plus it’s not all about the aesthetics, it teaches your little toddlers how to recognise shapes, colours and train up their fine motor skills as well.

Thanks again Mama Libby for sharing this fab idea! If you have other similar but most importantly simple craft idea for young toddlers, please do share them here! πŸ™‚

Amount spent on the Christmas Craft Tree: About $12 – $15Β 


11 thoughts on “Getting crafty this Christmas

    • Lady J says:

      Yea go!! Perhaps as an alternative to a Christmas tree made of felt, you could get those compressed boards which are a lot sturdier and hardier! Hope that helps.

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