9 years on…

IMG_7424Life as a parent in a marriage is different from life sans kids. These days, we sleep less, we get kicked in the face a whole lot more, we travel a whole lot lesser, hold hands lesser and the convos largely centre around Bubba. But our hearts are fuller when we see Bubba babbling and running to us with her hands wide-opened.

Just the other night, I was asking the Man what he would like as an Anniversary Gift. We are practical people like that. He simply told me to save my money and then we will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in a bigger manner. I took it as that and life just went on.

IMG_8217Last weekend when we were trying to settle the Bub before lunch, the Man decided to bring her to walk around while I sat around to wait for the food. Minutes later, both emerged. Bubba holding a plastic bag and the Man telling her ‘Go give Mama.’ It was the Apple iWatch, the combo that I wanted and was waiting to utilise the Man’s voucher to get it next year. I was surprised because he had been dissuading me not to get it as he thinks it would be a white elephant. Maybe that’s his tactic.

So no fancy celebration this year, just a simple one as we sit down, enjoy our food and then try to figure out a couple of decisions that we will have to make. How very exciting!


A few weeks back, we did another shoot with Hart from Tomato Photo. This time round, we wanted to try out an outdoor shoot. During the session, he looked up from his camera and asked the Man and I, ‘Shall I take photos of just the 2 of you?‘ The Man and I looked at each other, and realised that with Bubba’s arrival, we hardly have photos of us both now. It’s always Bubba and me or Bubba and the Man or the 3 of us. It’s rarely photos of us these days. I think we probably took all of 10 shots but the 2 -3 photos that were sent to us are perfect.

I guess that’s what a marriage is all about.. neither of us are perfect, we will never be. But “You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.” ― Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper

 Looking forward to many more years ahead!


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