Raiding Bubba’s pre-loved stuff

It’s no secret I love to shop and with Bubba’s arrival, I channeled all shopping energies to the tiny human instead. Just the other day, I packed up the clothes that she could no longer fit. Some, I gave away, some – I stared long and hard at it wondering if I should hoard it. In the end, I decided to separate them into different bags – the ‘must-keeps’ and the ‘it can go to another home’ bag.

Not sure if anyone is interested but you can check out the Sophie’s Pre-Loved Items tab under Sophie’s Star Buys and click on some of the items that I’m selling. Page will be updated as I go along but here’s some of the star buys that I’m really letting go at an unbelievable price!

IMG_7558 IMG_7452-0 IMG_7451

IMG_7453Go on, start shopping today! Must clear out wardrobe space for more buys that I’ve accumulated for Black Friday.. YIKES!!!



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