Checking out: Open Farm Community

IMG_0370 Lazy brunch boozey Sundays! I miss those so one Sunday morning where we all were in a good mood, we rounded up the little one and headed to check out Open Farm Community – a sort of newish place by the people behind Spa Esprit Group.

IMG_0372IMG_0371Tucked at Minden Road (within the Dempsey compound) is a lovely open space that celebrates the whole concept of farming in the community. It was during the haze period when we were there to check this place out, so thankfully the haze cleared up on that day for us to enjoy being out in the open.
IMG_0374With most new establishments that have sprung up in Singapore, it’s highly recommended that you try to make reservations. We were almost turned away at the restaurant for not having a reservation. Thankfully, server was nice and we assured him that we would return the table back in 1.5 hours time. The Bub was also kind to us by taking her mid-morning nap which allowed us to enjoy some bubbly and food before she woke up and had us fussing over her.


IMG_0384We were obviously hungry so we went with 2 starters and 2 mains. Almost everything we had was very good and the portions were pretty reasonable as well. Loved the oysters plus the haloumi salad. For the mains, I heart the burger. The spicy squid ink pasta was also very good.

IMG_0388When Bubba woke up, we ordered a portion of the pasta bolognese for her. She took mouthfuls of it before deciding that french fries are a whole lot yummier than her pasta.

IMG_0398So yup, she had her first few bites of French Fries at Open Farm Community and I guess there is no turning back from there now.

IMG_0399The meal over at Open Farm Community was indeed very lovely and coupled with a nice view, we had a great time.

IMG_0410 IMG_0414Bubba, on the other hand, had fun exploring the place and with all that greenery surrounding the place, it made for one exciting place for a young toddler to be moving around.

IMG_0425 IMG_0427We will be back again for the yummy food, bubbly and for Bubba, those decadent french fries that she’s now a huge fan of. 🙂


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