Bubba’s stay in the hospital 

IMG_5800Recounting this scary episode where Bubba had to stay in the hospital for 2 nights! It’s a parent’s nightmare, one I wished had not happened but well, it did and it’s good to know that Bubba is on the bend.

About 2 weeks ago, Bubba came down with a high fever. It felt like the other fevers that she was used to having and I was going to administer some fever medicine and bring her to our usual doctor if it still didn’t come down by Saturday.

The Man was away on business trip and about 9pm, she was running a temperature of 40.2 degrees. Obviously, the Man panicked from afar. I did too but nothing was opened and from the past couple of episodes had known that fever usually spikes at night, so I ended up giving her Ibuprofen and after seeking advice from my Mummies group, went out and got another bottle of Calpol wanting to feed her if the fever didn’t come down 2 hours later.

At about 1am, I woke up, took her temperature and she was still running a fever of over 39 degrees, I decided to feed her the Calpol. Of course, she had to scream because she hates being fed medicine. But I forced it down her throat and hugged her thereafter. She refused to let me out of her sight long enough for me to sponge her and attempt to keep her temperature down.

And the horror kinda started from here! As I hugged her (probably not the best thing to do to a toddler running a high fever) and sang her fave songs in a bid to pacify her, I felt her tiny body suddenly stiffened and then shivering. She went all silent and I called out to her to elicit a response. I knew something was wrong, so I turned on the lights and there it was. I saw her little eyeballs rolling up, her fists clenched and her little body trembling. I knew she was having fits! To be exact, febrile fits.

I panicked a little and did things that I wasn’t supposed to do, for example, put my finger into her mouth (yup, old wives tale to stop the person from biting their own tongue). Once I regained composure a couple of seconds later, I immediately held her and ran down the stairs, calling out to my helper to help carry her while I get changed and head to KK Hospital. During that time, Bubba suddenly was dead-weight and was not responsive to our calls. It was momentarily heart-stopping and heart-wrenching during that time as I was worried sick about what went inside her little head. 😦

Decided to call my mom, who thankfully was awake at 1.30am watching TV, to come along and help me for I was worried I couldn’t handle Bubba on my own. And I was really grateful for her help, for upon reaching the hospital, I had to settle the paperwork and calm Bubba who suddenly came around and was confused by the fuss around her. The unfamiliar faces wanting to take her temperature didn’t help and she eventually ended up throwing up all over me and herself. In a state of confusion, I actually threw away my phone in her pile of vomit. 😦

IMG_5850After she calmed down, the doctors advised that she stay in for at least 24 hours because she’s under the age of 18 months. While febrile fits are not uncommon in babies, toddlers and young children, the doctors wanted to err on the side of caution and find out what could possibly bring about the high fever. They also wanted to rule out the possibility of meningitis.

IMG_7429Once Bubba woke up from her sleep, she didn’t want to stay on her bed and preferred to be walking around the ward. In fact, she suffered from a little cabin fever being stuck on her bed most of the time.

IMG_5901It is indeed heart-wrenching watching the little one being in the hospital but like I said, we are really thankful that she was quite bubbly and active during her stay there. Our hearts heaved a huge sigh of relief when the doctor finally cleared her and allowed her to go home. Like I always said, there is nothing more important than good heath and that’s what we wish of our little girl.


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