Review: Lullaby and Sweet Dreams Quiet Book

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I’ve been wanting to get a quiet book for Bubba for the longest time. Actually, I’ve been wanting to MAKE a quiet book for her but naturally I never got round to doing it. Been looking at those tutorials online and almost lugged a whole bag of materials that I could possibly get from Daiso but I chickened out. Ok, before I go on, what exactly is a quiet book?

A quiet book is a book (usually made out of fabric) filled with quiet activities for children. It’s often used for special times, like church, when you need to keep children happy and quiet.

Sounds like a fab idea right? One that can keep Bubba occupied while I get some time on my own! So when Miss Ene alerted me of this quiet book from My Royal Rae, I felt like I had to get my hands on one for our trip to Italy. It would keep Bubba relatively occupied with the absence of her favourite Baby TV on the flight.

L1030087I purchased the ‘How to Count‘ busy book because I was keen to give Bubba a head-start on the concept of counting and the objects made up of different animals and shapes seems interesting enough to capture her curious little mind. While communicating with Cecilia on my purchase of the busy book, she recommended a couple of other books that might be ideal for our travel which eventually led to another book for this review. I selected the Lullaby and Goodnight quiet book as I usually read Bubba a goodnight story before she turns in.

L1030092I didn’t get round to taking much pictures of Bubba playing with the book during our trip because every night, it was like a war zone trying to put her into bed. Having said that, our books were utilised and rotated among some board books that we brought along for the trip.
L1030094L1030097The Lullaby and Sweet Dreams quiet book is a simple fabric book with 10 pages filled with different activities to engage your little one and introduce the process of going to bed.

L1030102Bubba does love a good story or two or sometimes three before taking a bottle and finally drifting off to bed. I do rotate this quiet book with her other story books. Most times, I would let her choose the book that she would like for me to read to her and it’s usually easy to tell which book is the flavour of the day.

L1030107The ‘Lullaby and Goodnight’ quiet book is a little different from the ‘How to Count’ quiet book obviously. The book allows for creative role play and story telling with the use of the Little Bear through the book.

L1030105Once I showed Bubba how Little Bear should take her bath and put on her pyjamas before heading to bed, I simply had to narrate the story and Bubba will gamely take her Baby Bear and go through the motion of the action. A testament that she understands what I’m telling her. 🙂


The recommended age for this quiet book is 24 months and up, but I think it’s great for young toddlers as well (Bubba is about 16 months old) for it encourages toddlers to practice and hone their fine motor skills such as putting on clothes for the bear and putting the bear in various positions.

Bubba don’t necessarily sit through the entire story for her attention is pretty short but if I try very hard to keep the story as interesting as I possibly can (usually using a heightened tone), it does work!
L1030096Between the 2 quiet books that I got, I preferred the Lullaby and Sweet Dreams one over the How to Count quiet book. Don’t get me wrong, I actually think both are really good and serve different functions. Plus they are amazingly light, so perfect for travelling or simply to stuff in your diaper bag when you are bringing your child out.

The How to Count busy book allows me to share with Bubba the different animals and objects that she can slowly remove from the page and then stick them back. The only downside for the book is that it comes in many parts and pieces and it would be such a shame if one went missing. We brought this along for our trip and the times where I threw Bubba into her cot with the book, I find myself having to turn her little bed or our room upside down to make sure that she doesn’t stuff any one of the pieces in some strange place. She has a knack for doing so these days. I keep a watchful eye when she plays with the little objects in the book for I worry she will lose one of the pieces and I will go berserk trying to find them. I guess when she’s a wee bit older, she probably will be able to understand more on how to firmly stick the pieces on the page properly.

L1030093So for now, our fave book is the Lullaby and Sweet Dreams quiet book for the pieces in the book are just nice for her little hands for now.

If you like to get your hands on one of these, I would recommend you check out My Royal Rae for their variety of busy / quiet books. Definitely a good one to have on hand to keep your toddlers busy for a while.

Thanks again C from My Royal Rae for sending over the Lullaby and Sweet Dreams quiet book along with our purchase of theHow to Count busy book just in time for our long FamBamVacay! It certainly came in handy to prevent Bubba from her epic meltdowns when she got restless. Now that we are back home, we love popping them in our diaper bag too when we know we are going out for a nice long lunch with no french fries in sight to keep Bubba occupied.

Disclaimer : lady J’s musings received the Lullaby and Sweet Dreams quiet book for the purpose of this review.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  All views expressed are purely of my own and written according to my experience in using this product. Any queries on the product  should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

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