Letter to Sophie X 16 months

IMG_4934Dear Bubba,

What an absolute joy to be with you at 16 months! Suddenly, it does feel like you ain’t a baby anymore. Instead, in front of us, is a little girl all ready to explore the world.

These days you have formed your own opinion. When we ask if you want your milk or food, you can actually answer us with a definitive YES or a shake of the head to indicate NOO…. At first, we thought it was a fluke but we tried again and it was obvious when we tried to stuff your milk bottle in your face, you clearly pushed it aside.

IMG_4954Our first long-haul trip to Europe was interesting. Interesting in that we spent 24/7 with you. There were times that we pulled our hair out because you tested our patience – oh the meltdowns and refusal to eat your meals. Your dad thinks that you have become slightly manipulative but that’s because he willingly gave in to your whims and fancies when you protest. But on the other hand, it has been rewarding being with you all this time. We get to witness and marvel at your milestones first-hand. Before we turn in, we would reminiscence on how cheeky you have become and wonder whose character you have inherited.

IMG_4756The trip has made us stronger us parents and as a family. Life isn’t always a bed of roses and there have been instances where our views are not aligned. There will be instances like these as you grow up but I guess that strengthens our relationship, having the courage to bring up difficult matters and resolve this in an amicable manner.

IMG_4746You have obviously become Mama’s little muse when it comes to dressing up and it has been a flurry of activity shopping for you. In fact, your wardrobe is close to bursting and I think we are due for a little spring-cleaning! Maybe off-load some of your pretty clothes through a flash-sale of sorts over here. Otherwise, I can’t wait for us to do twinning outfits/ shots. I know it sounds tacky but it will only be cool now when you can’t form any strong opinion yet. Hehe…

xoxo: Mama..


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