Last leg: Milan & Asti

And we are back from our 2-odd week holiday in Geneva and Italy (Siena, Milan and Asti). Phew.. and what a trip it was. Will be attempting to do up a blog-post on travelling long-haul with a toddler to summarise my thoughts on the family vacation. But in the meantime, a photo-dump of what had happened at the last leg of our Italian holiday.
IMG_4714Checked into the LaGare Hotel Milano Central which saw us had one of the most restful sleeps during the holiday. Love the boutiquey black-and-white feel to the hotel. Then we zipped off to meet the Man’s BFF who flew in specially from London to catch up with us over dinner and breakfast. We all clinked our wine glasses over dinner that evening and laughed about the changing times where dinner convos revolved around our children’s antics. We also held back after 2 bottles of wine where in the past, we would be drinking at least 3 to 4 bottles at dinner time.

IMG_4715And in Milan, we did our best to squeeze in as much shopping as we possibly could. How different shopping was as well. Gone are our leisurely days where we could browse through racks. Instead, the Man and I take turns to watch over little Miss Bubbly here who was more interested in messing up the racks / displays and what-nots instead of actually going to nap during her supposed nap-time. What’s up with toddlers and not going to sleep at proper times? Argh!! Drives me up the wall!

IMG_4716We had about 4 days in Milan so to break the monotony of staying in shopping city, the Man booked us a night stay in Asti (Piedmont region). It was a lovely stop-over where we did a side-trip to Alba (aka Tartufo land).

IMG_4272We bought our very first Truffle and learned so much about how delicate these things were to transport back. More on that to come.

IMG_4314And finally, we came back in Milan. Did more of the city via foot with a mad rush of shopping to boot before packing our bags and heading home to a hazy Singapore. 😦


IMG_4300 All in all, the holiday was a great break away from work for me to just be a full-time parent to Bubba. Yes, talk about 24 hours literally 7 days a week for about 16 days. I think the Man and I both had our hands full with this little one where at times, she really tested our patience but we both agreed that it was also very fulfilling to be with her during the trip and see how she has grown developmentally which we may just have missed at home.

That rounds up our trip very quickly! Till our next one … looking forward already! 🙂


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