Third leg: Tuscany

 Wifi has been really wonky as we have been on the road so it was difficult to update. Also, with tiny human, the Man and I are usually exhausted by the end of the night caring for her. Third part and the reason for our trip saw us in Tuscany for a friend’s wedding. Boy, was it a riot?! 50 odd people flew from Singapore and different parts of the world into Tuscany to witness the union.

Weather forecast was rain and thunderstorms so you can imagine our entire group’s happiness when we saw the sun eeking through the clouds over the Tuscan hills. That said, it was really windy and many of us wrapped blankets and stayed under the heater to keep warm.

But the setting made for some really lovely shots! Wanted to dress Bubba up in this tulle dress but decided against it for the fabric may not be sufficient to keep her warm. Plus she can’t fully articulate her feelings so I went with a simple dress for her instead. As for me, I chose comfort over style simply because I had to run after the munchkin on the grass and gravel. Ditched the heels for a pair of practical flats as well. Times have surely changed!

It was indeed a lovely pit-stop in our holiday to catch up with our friends as well as for Bubba to spend some time with these lovely bunch of uncles and aunts when she isn’t grumpy.


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