Second leg: Siena

An hour odd plane ride from Geneva saw us arriving into Florence! Would have loved to stopover in this quaint city for a bit but we decided to drive straight to Siena and stay over for 2 nights before heading up to Tuscany for our friend’s wedding.

Bubba was generally okay during the plane ride. She was a little restless when we picked up the car for it took almost 1.5 hours before we eventually got the car! Upon arrival into Siena, we unloaded our bags and decided to check out the place by foot. Bubba was a trooper then taking in the new surroundings but during dinner, she had a major meltdown and subsequently fell asleep on me while we ate our dinner and drank our Italian wine. We’ve noticed that dinner times with Bubba tend to be really challenging. It’s either because she can’t sit through the dinner without wanting to be carried or perhaps she’s just really tired. Oh well, we learn. These curve balls that your kid throws just make us stronger as parents while we figure it out.

 Day 2 in Siena saw us checking out the famed sights of Siena. We had wanted to bring along our stroller in the hope that once Bubb takes her nap, we can then push her around. Of course, plans never go along as planned. It rained and was really cold to push the bub around in her pram. So we ditched plan A and the Man baby-wore her instead. That made for a far better plan as we managed to check out the Cathedral, Baptisry, Museum and the Crypt.

IMG_3459And when Bubba slept, we managed to squeeze in a nice luncheon with some Italian wine.

IMG_3460The skies eventually cleared up allowing us to let the little one run free in Piazza del Campo. The scenic backdrop really did make for some lovely photos as you can tell from the above.

 Last but not least, we managed to squeeze in just a spot of shopping despite the rain. I was beyond excited when I saw GROM – my fave gelato- so had to have me some of it! Of course, Bubba took a small bite of it as well.

Will be sharing more of the trip soon! Wifi has been really laggy so I will try to update when we get on to a stable network!


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