First leg: Geneva

Greetings from Geneva!! It’s been 4 days since we arrived and we are just about settled Bubba in to a different time-zone! Man, who knew jet-lag can be such a challenging concept to grapple for little ones!

IMG_3101We took the 1am flight and we both had high hopes that Bubba would sleep through it all. Unfortunately, the moving about messed up her schedule and she woke up right after we checked in. She did manage to sleep after we took off and did a good 5 odd hours stretch during our 12.5hr flight. For the rest of the flight, we had to keep her duly entertained with her snacks and letting her burn of energy by running down and up the aisles. Bubba also cried a couple of times so I would imagine some of the passengers did throw us daggers that we avoided because it was quite dark. But we survived the flight and treated ourselves with some yummy macarons before continuing part 2 of our journey to Geneva to meet up with the BEST family.

Straight off the flight and after a hearty lunch at Entrecôte, we did a spot of shoe-shopping for the little one! New high-top boots for the holiday! Chose a simple one in a metallic brown hue that would match most of her outfits.  Here’s Bubba with the little Style Princess Jie Jie who’s all grown up now but looking ever so stylish! I had to raid her wardrobe this trip and drool over her bags and lovely coats that I now no longer amass.


Under-estimated the weather by a little and it was pretty cold, so we layered Bubba to keep her warm! Piled on lightweight long-sleeved tops with knits and leggings for comfort.

In the day, we are pretty thankful to dear Aunty E who spent the day with us keeping Bubba company as we played tourists to famed sights around Geneva.
Not forgetting the rest of the family who have been awfully sweet to us all! Bubba took a while to warm up to the family but it was really nice to see her acknowledging them and calling them by day 3. 🙂

Like I said, didn’t expect jet-lagged to be such a challenge but it was! Bubba took a while to adjust to a whole new time-zone and as I’m typing out this post, she’s in her lala-land, still not up from her 5.30pm nap! We have decided not to wake a sleeping baby up for the major meltdowns she gave us when we did that were pretty epic and memorable!

That’s all for now! Bags are packed for part 2 of our trip to Italy!!


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