Vacation mode – ON

IMG_2248Well, the moment that we have been waiting for!! Fam Bam Vacay!!! A long one this time round! 15 days with this little munchkin!! I don’t know if it will be called a holiday! Packing for the little human already has taken a toll on us with me worrying about what we have left behind and whether we have brought enough for her.

Gone are the days where the Man and I will each have a luggage. It’s usually me that takes up more space in the luggage with my bags and shoes. This trip, however, a stark contrast. I’m just bringing one pair of dress shoes and one handbag. The others are replaced by baby shoes and a diaper bag. Wow, indeed!

IMG_2259But I guess, we wouldn’t want it any other way. This is true-blue fam bam bonding time. Time away from work for a bit and then to enjoy spending time with her and watching her grow.

So, here’s us signing out for a bit.. got a flight to catch in less than 30 minutes time and talk about drama, our luggage was locked and we couldn’t get it opened using our normal combo lock! YIKES!! Thankfully the store was still opened so the Man rushed down to get that sorted out.

Will be back with updates on our holiday if there is wifi so stick around here, won’t you? 🙂

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