FamBam Vacay

IMG_9577In less than a week, we are headed to Geneva for a short trip to visit our friends plus work for the Man and then to a wedding in Tuscany plus a road-trip to Siena and Milan.

There are bags that I have yet to pack and outfits that I have yet to plan for both Bubba and myself. There are also tons of work to clear with a sick Bubba that needs tender-loving care because she’s down with diarrhoea. Not to mention, a trip that I have left the entire booking in the Man’s care simply because I’m just too tired to move at the end of the day after work and caring for tiny human.

Okay.. time to get off my butt and try to book ourselves a few restaurants for the trip (that’s hopefully child-friendly)!

If you have any tips on places to head to in Milan, Siena and Tuscany that are child-friendly, do send them over here. Also tips on how to survive a 12-hour flight with a 16 month toddler will be greatly appreciated as well. Wish us luck!!! <Fingers and toes all crossed!>

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