Another year (older)

For a good number of years, we usually like to celebrate my birthday overseas. Not that it was intentional but it usually coincided with a long trip that we will take that spanned across 1.5 to 2 weeks if we can help it. This year, our upcoming holiday is a lot later so we stayed in the country to celebrate the occasion. A rather muted one but that’s fine because I just needed a little break before the upcoming not quite know it’s going to be a holiday – holiday (haha).

IMG_1813Decided to take the day off and we had plans. Grand plans in fact. But we had to activate BCP when hazy conditions persisted. Woke up in the morning and greeted with a kick from Bubba who cried in the middle of the night and landed up in our bed because the Man said, she wants to be close to Mama on her birthday. It was actually cute because the Man snuck a birthday card that he had done up on Bubba’s behalf documenting how she has been with us for the past 15 months. Aww.. indeed.

IMG_1903 And the grand plan originally included a quiet dinner for two but we changed it to lunch for two. The company was all that mattered and the food at Wild Rocket (my first time there in like 5 odd years) was lovely.

Part of the plan was also to pick Bubba up from school and head down to Gardens by the Bay to check out the floral displays. But when we went to school, her teacher shared that Bubba appeared to be having the runs. The Man was afraid that it was something more serious as the night before she vomited her food out. So we headed to the clinic instead to have her checked out. Turns out she could possibly be having a mild case of food poisoning, so we decided to just head back home after running a couple of errands.
IMG_1951And it was a happy mail day too! I received this pineapple dress from White Filly which I had purchased from Kookies and Milk. Love the quirky design and you know, it would be great for Chinese New Year despite it being white with black graphics because it has pineapples all over the dress. Pineapples signify wealth so this would totally fit in for the occasion. Haha! It’s still too big for Bubba for now as she’s literally sweeping the floor with the dress but in a couple of months time, hopefully it will fit her better.

IMG_1949And we fooled around for a bit before heading to a simple home-cooked meal and a birthday cake blow-out. 🙂

IMG_1993As for presents, I’m blessed! The WC Tula that I scored just under 2 weeks ago arrived on my birthday exactly! Coupled with online purchases that I made for Bubba, a rainbow swirl power-charger I scored at an Instagram contest and lovely gifts from my family and friends, I’m one happy Mama!

Now am looking forward to our trip to Italy where the real shopping begins! I’m making out my list and picking out my birthday presents then. Hehe…


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