Perky Toki Jujube BFF

img_1638-1The diaper bag to end all diaper bags? I think this phrase is definitely familiar. Afterall, I said it once here and here. Then the Mama pals all went on to purchase the Jujube BFF and down the rabbit hole, I fell hard once again when they released this uber cute Perky Toki design that I felt that I could hardly resist.

So presenting my Perky Toki BFF diaper bag that has been our trusty buddy for a bit before I move on to another new bag. Hehe!

IMG_1639The boxy structured look of the diaper bag is a departure from the other soft structured bag that I had. I actually like that this bag can be carried 2 ways – backpack as well as a sling. It does help to keep my hands free and use it as a backpack so that I can carry or hold on to Bubba.

Love that the BFF is also very roomy with loads of compartments for me to organise Bubba’s things. The Man who’s actually a neat freak does like the bag. When I haphazardly stuff Bubba’s stuff into the bag in a hurry, the Man will actually grumble and then pack all her stuff neatly into the bag (the way he likes it to be organised).

IMG_1641I obviously couldn’t resist getting the matching Paci Pod not for storing of pacifiers but instead, we use this to store her hair-clips and her small hair accessories.

IMG_1649 This post has been in my draft folder for a bit but essentially, not much different from what I bring/ pack for Bubba when I head out with her. She’s about 18 months now, so an extra change of clothes – in case of spills, 3-4 diapers kept in the Jujube Be Quick, wet wipes stored in the Butipod and a soft muslin blanket stashed in the BFF in case she falls asleep in her stroller while we are out.

IMG_1652These Jujube Be Quicks are such handy bags to have around! I ended up getting another one in this King Court’s design. Love that it’s black with cute cartoon characters on it, it’s super versatile too so even if it gets dirty, I’m not too fussed about it.

IMG_1654Along with diapering and changing necessities, if we are out for a long time or for a long meal, I would also pop in her fave book, some stickers and a messy bag – courtesy of Aunty Mag who very thoughtfully made this for the bub to keep her tiny hands occupied.

IMG_1656These are some of the feeding essentials that we will bring along when we head out with Bubba. Our fave Elodie Details polka dot bib from The Little Bow Co which we really love using because of it’s fancy details. We also bring along a bibdana for Bubba when she drinks from her water bottle. Sometimes she likes to spit the water out and end up wetting her clothes, so the bibdana to the rescue to prevent any major water spills. We also bring along a pack of disposable bibs if we are heading out the whole day and don’t have enough time to wash the other soiled bib. Disposable bibs are a must when we travel too! So convenient to just pop it around Bubba’s neck and then trash it when she’s done with eating her meal. No need for me to go back to the hotel to wash her bib after a long day out.

Along with the bibs, I would also bring along her feeding spoon, 3M Scotch portable food scissors (again recommended by Mama Mag and Libby). This is our 3rd pair of food scissors already! Although it’s a little pricier compared to other brand of food scissors in the market, but it’s really one of the best around for it’s sharp plus resistant to rust – unlike others that I’ve used and trust me, you don’t want rust on your toddler’s food!

IMG_1657Snacks and milk feeds are also a must when we head out with Bubba. Snack catchers are a brilliant way to keep your toddler’s tiny hands occupied and for them to practice self-feeding. Oh and to prevent them from over-stuffing their faces with too much of the puffs at any one time too! For variety, I sometimes like to bring along this GoStak Portable Containers. It’s a handy device that keeps Bubba’s snacks organised and more importantly keeping them fresh.

We used to take along these food packages from Wakodo or Pigeon out (more for comfort actually in case Bubba doesn’t eat what we order). But we ended up dumping them because turned out Bubba didn’t really enjoy eating them either despite us putting them on top of rice. So instead of wasting food, we decided to either bring her home-cooked soup out or now that she’s older, she simply just eat what we eat when we head out as an occasional treat!

Okay, a lengthy review for the Jujube BFF but what do we really like and not like about it? Here goes my honest opinion:

What I like about the Jujube BFF:

  • It’s boxy structured look with the many compartments that allows me to stuff different things in them – talk about organising, the number of compartments you get in this bag is really amazing!
  • The cute cartoon print, need I say more?! It was one of the first things that drew me to get the bag. I even got a manicure in these yummy candilicious colours.
  • The bag doubles up as a tote bag as well as a messenger bag (2-in-1 function : Checked!). The backpack function is useful when I carry Bubba and wish to keep my hands free of carrying another  bag. While the messenger strap is useful for times when I just need to get to somewhere real quickly and don’t have time to use it as a backpack.
  • The Mommy Pocket is a thoughtful feature to have! I throw in my sunnies and other knick-knacks into the front compartment. I must add though, the front pocket is not sufficient for my big, bulky wallet. Plus I get rather paranoid about my wallet being nicked if I’m not able to see it, so I prefer to stash my wallet hidden in the back compartment instead.

IMG_4157What we didn’t quite like about the Jujube BFF:

  • We realised that the bag is not big enough to fit all the things that we need if we were to head out with Bubba the full day. That said, the Man always manages to efficiently pack and utilise all the compartments.
  • While I liked the boxy structured look of the bag, I also felt that it’s structure also is a double-edged sword, I usually end up hitting people in crowded places resulting in dagger stares being thrown along my way.
  • The weight of the bag! Funnily, the bag with all its straps tend to be on the heavier side. After stuffing the bag with our stuff, it actually was quite heavy to carry. When we hung it on our Zen Yoyo, it actually toppled our stroller. In such cases, the Man to the rescue then!
  • The print! While it’s very cute and colourful but it also made it difficult for me to match my clothes. I often have to plan in advance what I want to wear (muted or pastel one-tone colour outfits) in order for me not to look like a clown when carrying the bag. So over time, the practical side of me won over.

IMG_4428That said, it made for a really hardy bag that even the Man doesn’t mind carrying along! 🙂

Next, looking at getting the King Court BRB as the black and white characters would be more ideal for our lifestyle.. stay tuned for the review!

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