Water play 

IMG_0236Throwback to a water play-date that was hosted at home last week for these little lovelies and the even more awesome Mama Mag and Mama Libby. Was originally worried about the haze but it didn’t turn out quite as bad, so we turned our play-date into water-play. It need not be elaborate either. All I did was to bring out our portable pools (from Early Learning Centre), filled them with bubble-bath and then took all of Bubba’s bath-time toys and viola! Made for a quick respite in the heat.
IMG_0512 This was after a breakfast of hearty noodles, coffee followed by Mimosas for the Mommas while the Bubbas were contented to just splash around for a bit before curiosity got the better of them and they came over to try out our Mimosas.
IMG_0235Note: No child was harmed, we thought it was cute holding the champagne glass and taking a photo of the bubs drinking. 🙂

IMG_0210IMG_0513While it wasn’t a full-fledged huge swimming pool but it did make for a lot of fun. The bubs were moving from pool to pool and simply splashed around. It’s so nice to see these little girlies kinda growing up together.
IMG_0379Time flies.. I’ve known this bunch for almost a year already! 🙂 Motherhood ain’t easy and that’s why Mama friends like Mag and Libby are dearly cherished. Our group chats are filled with bubba talk or chatter about Jujubes + Tulas. And on several occasions, I’ve been known to eat up my own words. Just like I said, “I’m done with diaper bags and Tulas!” These Mamas come along and have me poisoned deeply and before I know, I fell into the rabbit hole and it’s almost impossible to crawl out.

So I ended up with I think 2 more new diaper bags.. cannot blame me, have you seen the Jujube PerkyToki collection? It’s seriously cute! Very irresistible! I was very surprised when Mama Mag who doesn’t look like she adore cutesy characters also went ahead to buy some from the collection. I will do up another diaper bag review soon on the BFF bag. It’s such a cute bag to have!

And last but not the least, I scored myself a toddler WC Tula at the recent Tula Stocking. This must have been my 7th attempt trying very hard to score a WC Tula because it’s always FFF (fastest fingers first) and you are but just one of the many people trying to score a WC Tula from all over the world. I still recalled my first few times trying to score a WC, I was a total noob! Thankfully, Mama Mag shared her tips with me.

But it was more like my poor heart couldn’t take the disappointment. Almost every other week, I would awake from my sleep, feeling all excited about the stocking but zilch, nothing happened. By the third or fourth stocking, I was about to give up hope. Then on the one time, I decided to sleep through the stocking, I actually dreamt that Mama Libby scored and she did. Inspired, I tried again but failed miserably (the page couldn’t load proper). Darn, so on my 7th attempt, my heart was probably hardened quite sufficiently that I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I finally saw the page flash ‘Your order is successful.’ When I shared the news with Mama Libby, she said she dreamt that I scored hours before the stocking! Wow indeed! 🙂

IMG_0489Waiting for this baby to join my Tula family and I think I’m officially ‘stashified’! 🙂


One thought on “Water play 

  1. Teresa says:

    Hello Mama J. I was reading about how you managed to score the WC at the 7th attempt. Mind sharing what was your strategy? It was my first time today and I can’t believe how fast others were. Boo hoo. Appreciate your thoughts on how to score one. Thank you 🙂

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