Simple activities to do with your toddler

With a good part of Singapore being clouded by the pesky haze over the weekend, we have been either stuck indoors or bringing Bubba to indoor places to escape from the haze. To prevent Bubba from cabin fever, I decided to think of some ways to keep her little hands occupied. After all, there is only so much of pretend play cooking that one can do with her at this point in time.

Here are some activities that you could try with your little one:

a) Cashing in with a piggy bankIMG_9750I got this idea from Mama Libby and so happened to have a piggy bank lying around. So I took some coins and got Bubba to drop them into the slot of the piggy bank. She had fun trying to slot them in and the various sizes in the coins helped her to perfect her pincer grip.

How does this game help little ones? Well, this simple game of slotting coins into the piggy bank strengthens eye-hand coordination as baby sorts the coins and places them in the bank. It apparently also teaches them patience and I guess it really does help to ‘kill’ time in a fun way.

b) Drawing and scribbling 
IMG_9749Encourage your toddler’s fine motor skills by introducing them to crayons for scribbling, doodling — and building manual dexterity. So I got a set of large washable crayons for Crayola for Bubba to just doodle on a large sheet of white paper.

And when can you do this? Well, as soon as your toddler can hold a crayon quite comfortably, that’s a sign that she’s ready to scribble. It’s a fun thing to do with your child as well. I sat down and doodled with Bubba, showed her how to write her name and drew different shapes for her to look her. I don’t know if it make a big difference for she was more interested in just scribbling. Nevertheless, it’s good to provide her with these opportunities to doodle to her heart’s content as it helps her develop strength and control in her fingers now — and eventually, helps her understand that these lines and marks that she doodle can represent objects, shapes and letters.

A note of advice – She might get so excited about making her mark that she is contented to scribble everywhere else except on the paper. This is why washable markers are good!

That’s about all that we did one afternoon. Not a lot to begin with but at least it’s a start! If you have more tips to share on crafting or simple things to do with a young toddler, please do send them over. 🙂


One thought on “Simple activities to do with your toddler

  1. Adesays says:

    I’ve been thinking of trying to make a sensory bin for my little one. it definitely helps with exploration but I am thinking hard on kind of fillers to use since my 11mthold is in the phase where everything goes into his mouth.

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