do weekends go by so quickly? Having the worst case of Monday blues and the weekend isn’t quite over yet? Well, at least I’m thankful for the long weekend that allowed me to rest, catch up with the political happenings in Singapore and spend time with the little being.
IMG_9412That’s all that matters right?

I think she’s going through another episode of teething woes. Sigh.. when do they end? Last Friday and Saturday, I thought I had successfully trained the Bub to sleep on her own in her cot!! Yay! Then just an hour ago, we went back to square one because I highly suspect that another one of her tiny teeth is going to sprout soon and she became all cranky as well as clingy. Turned out what she really wanted was me to hug her before she drifted off to slumberland.

I guess I shouldn’t complain if these sporadic episodes happen. I do cherish these moments when she would want me to hug her to bed. After all, these moments are but fleeting but will forever be etched in my memory.


How did your long weekend go? I hope you did manage to get some well-deserved rest! Now, on to the new week!! It sure is going to be a LONG one for me.

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