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One of my fond memories as a little kid is when weekend beckons, my Dad would give me and my sister each $10 to spend on books. It was a special moment for my Dad would bring us both to Times the Bookstore at Centrepoint. We used to spend an hour or so going up the aisles of the bookstore to pick out our book of the week. Then we will go home and promptly finish up reading the book that we have purchased.

IMG_7711I used to love reading books and Enid Blyton ‘The Naughtiest Girl in Class’ used to top my favourite list of books. I wanted to instil a love of books and pass this on to Bubba so I tried to build up a small library by our bed for her. Before her bedtime and her last milk-feed, we would usually roll around in the bed with me tickling her little feet, belly just to hear her chuckles. I try to put her to bed by about 930pm because sometimes it takes her up to 45 minutes to an hour to fall asleep on her own if she’s not tired. So if time permits, I will read her a story or two before she gets the bottle.

Over the 14 months or so, we have acquired these books that Bubba has grown to love. To be honest, before I became a parent, the only type of books that I thought young children ever read were fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Probably during my time. I’m thankful to have met a community of Mamas who shared some of their fave reads for their kiddies with me. Some friends have even purchased these reads to Bubba and some books, I just stumbled along the way.

Thought it would be nice to share some of Bubba’s fave books with you and who knows, if your little one has a fave book, you can share it with us too to expand our little library.

IMG_7706From left to right:

I purchased majority of the books mentioned above at Book Depository and the bilingual book was from at Flip for Joy with the exception of the Wheels on the Bus by Annie Kubler gifted by Mama Mag and Dear Zoo gifted by a friend.

IMG_7703Other than ‘Row, Row your boat’ nursery rhyme, the ‘Wheels on the Bus’ is also one of Bubba’s favourite songs. If I get her to choose the book for me to read to her, without fail, she would inch out to pick this book by Paul O’ Zelinsky. I first learned of this lovely moving parts illustrative book from music class and was fascinated with how the wheels on the bus can actually move. The story/ song literally came alive and popped out with this book.

IMG_7705Needless to say, Bubba was very fascinated with the illustrative and moving parts of the book. I had to keep her tiny hands duly occupied for she would be raring to pull the parts of the book. Miss Ene shared that her edition of this book has been mended with tape because E would accidentally rip the parts apart.

This book is a rare find and almost impossible to find online. Thanks to a tip-off by Miss Ene, an old edition of the copy is still available at Kinokuniya. I would have love to get my hands on the 25th anniversary copy but well, this will do for now.

IMG_7708The other book that Bubba absolutely loves has got to be Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. This was gifted by a dear friend and was one of the first books that I read to Bubba when she was a couple of months old. I would encourage her to lift up the flap of the book to reveal the animal to which I would mimic the noise. I wasn’t sure if she actually understood what I read to her but I was surprised when one night, I let her flip the book on her own. She gamely lifted the flap of the book and started mimicking the noise made by the lion. It was too cute to witness this.

IMG_7709Well, something must have worked for she’s clearly listening to what I was narrating. Best part of the story? We would finish off with this little doggy where Bubba will lift up the flap and then point at the dog and call ‘Kor Kor’! Yes, all dogs to her are known as ‘Kor Kor’ (brother in Mandarin) as we tell her Sparky is her fur-bro.

IMG_7710Last but not least, one of the very first books that I read to Bubba also included ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Cayle. It’s a relatively easy book for parents to read to little ones. Bubba would be captivated with the holes of the fruits and food that the hungry caterpillar has burrowed a hole into. Bubba gets a kick out of taking the book from me and then animatedly flapping the book to show that the caterpillar has morphed into a butterfly.

IMG_7712I would love to get one of those bookshelves to keep Bubba’s books neatly and for her to perhaps pick her fave book from the shelves one day. But until then, her little collection of books are tucked away in this plastic container from Daiso that’s sitting on top of my bedside table.

Also, you will notice that most of the books that I have gotten for Bubba are typically board-books because I was worried that Bubba would end up tearing the pages off her books instead of enjoying them. These board books are a little more pricey but they have proven to withstand the test of time. Our ‘Dear Zoo’ board-book is looking a little worn but it definitely has been through a lot as Bubba happily opened and closed its flaps usually in a rather rough manner.


Do you have any other titles of children’s books that I should add into Bubba’s library? Please do share them with by leaving a comment. I would love to explore other titles for her! Thanks in advance. 🙂

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