Letter to Sophie X 15

IMG_9249 Dearest Bubba,

Mama has been tardy with these letters. It was nice documenting your progress and looking back on your milestones in the first year. After you turned one, I guess, we just enjoyed having you around that I stopped writing these letters. Just the other day, I was looking through the old letters and it did bring back sweet memories re-reading those tiny little steps along with the milestones that you hit.

IMG_9255I don’t know if I will be able to have the ‘energy’ to keep up the monthly letters but I sure will try my best to do so. Plus, Mama has been crazy enough to take tons of pictures of you, I might as well put them in a collage to be accompanied with the post!

On the milestones that you have hit over the past 3 months since turning one, let’s just name a couple:

  • You can now call Mama, Papa/ Daddy, Kor Kor (referring to Sparky), Jie Jie (referring to our helper), Ah Ma, Por Por, Gong Gong, Yi Yi, Xiao Yi, Auntie and Uncle.
  • You can say words like Apple, Banana, Bubbles, Ball (just to name a few) and like a parrot, sometimes we exclaim ‘Aiyoh’ and we hear you repeating that same word seconds after. Oops, looks like we gotta be more careful about what we say around you now.
  • Your teething woes had us in a tizzy for a while now. Sometimes you don’t wish to be fed your dinner which leaves me very much exasperated. But your aunt has shared that the school feed you very well so I shouldn’t be too fussed if you aren’t hungry at night. So, yes, I’m trying to let that go.
  • You can walk pretty well now but we’ve been told by your teacher in gym class that we should still continue to train your arm strength.
  • You do love a good game of catch and have showed signs of running a little faster as I chase after you.

IMG_9254You are an absolute doll to Mama. At this age, I do love playing dress-up with you but the feelings are not reciprocated much. Haha.. you prefer running off the moment I put you down after dressing you up. So these pictures of you standing somewhat still and being cheeky are usually very much cherished by me. Yes, if you only knew the amount of work that goes into dressing you up and entertaining you just to get that smile. Phew!

Oh, I hope I’m not jinxing this but saying it here but we managed to ‘evict’ you as our permanent resident from our bed back into your under-utilised cot. Yes, you who didn’t want to sleep in your cot and us parentals who ate our words by uttering the infamous phrases of ‘No, we won’t let you come near our bed!‘ For a good 13.5 months, we happily let you sleep with us a good 90% of the time. Until you started rolling off the bed, that’s when alarm bells rang and we decided it’s safer for you to be in the cot (yes, even during the weekends).

It was difficult initially. You would stand by your cot crying when we let you down. But day by day, our hearts hardened just that little bit and after about 2 weeks, you finally settled in your cot. Thank goodness for that! We all sleep a little better these nights! IMG_9250Till the next letter to you, my sweet Bubba. Never lose your sense of wonder and always stay cheeky.

Love you to the moon and back: Mama


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