Hearty soups for Bubba

Momma Chef strikes about once to two times a week whipping up hearty soups for Bubba. Her meals are kept fairly simple, usually rice with a soup along with vegetables and a meat. Since she doesn’t like mushy food anymore, I decided to invest more time making soup stock for her so that it’s easier for the care-givers to whip up her meals without fuss.

On top of the vegetable soup stock that my mom had taught me, I decided to try out this hearty beef stock for Bubba which she also enjoyed.

IMG_3956I don’t have the exact recipe but what I did was to throw in 8-10 pieces of beef cubes along with 1 red apple, 1 white onion and 1 carrot plus 4-5 cups of cooled boiled water into the slow cooker. A tip from my mom: to only throw in the beef cubes once the soup stock is boiling. This was cooked overnight and in the morning, Sparky went ballistic as the hearty beef scent filled the living room.

IMG_4112The crockpot of soup stock usually can make about 6 of Bubba’s meals. So we portion out what we require and for the rest that we don’t use within the 2 days, we would then freeze them.IMG_5025

Another soup stock that I’ve recently included in my menu of to-go soup stocks: fish bone soup! We used about 500gm of fish bone (ask the fishmonger in the market for this), a whole garlic bulb, 3 seedless dates and a handful of wolfberries. This soup stock is slightly more oily compared to the others that I’ve made but I guess it’s the good type of oil for it came from the fish bones.

That’s all I have for soup stocks for now. Going to try this other soup stock that I was reading up, pork ribs with pumpkin. It’s supposed to be nourishing for little ones. Let’s see. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Hearty soups for Bubba

  1. Adesays says:

    Hello! I chanced upon your blog and i enjoyed reading it.
    I’ve never thought of fish stock, will try it. Once qn though, you know how fish soup can be slightly fishy, does it have a fishy taste?

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