Japanese meals for Bubba

Japanese food has got to be our fave cuisine and it wouldn’t come as a surprise to try and get Bubba hooked on Japanese food sooner rather than later.

Mama Libby shared a picture of this Onigirazu that she had made for Sophie-Rose for lunch one day and I was all excited about wanting to replicate it for Bubba. Mama Libby’s version was far more interesting than mine but I guess baby steps for this noob Mama cook here.

IMG_7861I hadn’t realise but apparently Onigirazu has been trending for a couple of months already. I only stumbled upon it for it looked like I could possibly replicate this in my own kitchen. What’s even better is that it’s can be considered as kid-friendly and perfect for baby-led weaning. So here’s my version of the Onigirazu which I made for Bubba for dinner one evening. It came with a fried egg, salmon flakes dusted with mushroom powder and garlic. I mixed the salmon flakes with rice and placed the fried egg in the centre before piling on more rice to assemble the Onigirazu.

IMG_7858 For a step-by-step guide on how to make this ingenious ‘rice sandwich’, you can refer to the below video:

IMG_7865How did my little eater find it? Well, she did have a couple of petite bites of this. She couldn’t quite bite and swallow the nori that held the Onigirazu together but at least she did look like she enjoyed the first couple of bites. So that’s all that mattered! 🙂

Mama Libby also shared that we could possibly add baby-friendly Furikake for a quick and simple meal. So I managed to get hold of some Furikake and will be trying that out the next time I have an itch to make this.

IMG_8311Now, on to Japanese Curry! Yes, you read right! Japanese curry for little ones! When I first heard of this, again from the talented Mama Libby, I was like ‘No way! Curry for little ones?’ I guess I have been enlightened then. Japanese curry is considered to be one of the milder curries and it’s mildly sweet taste might actually appeal to the younger tastebuds.

I casually mentioned this to the Man who so happened to be at Meidiya one Saturday afternoon. He then went to purchase a box of kid-friendly Japanese curry for Bubba and we made it for her that very evening.

IMG_8201And it wasn’t too complicated to make this dish for Bubba either. All we needed to do is to follow the instructions closely. We added chicken, potatoes, cauliflower florets and carrots for the kid version of the curry.
IMG_8199To make Bubba’s meal look a little more fun, we even fashioned her rice using a Hello Kitty rice mould and the Man added bits of potatoes and carrots to dress up the character. Well, it might not look good but gotta say A+ for effort.

IMG_8203Was the curry a hit for Bubba? Well, she did open her mouth for a few bites. She was at least receptive to the taste but I wouldn’t say fallen head-over-heels with dish. I guess will have to give it another go to see if she would try it again. Having said that, the mild version of Japanese curry did make for a nice meal for the adults as well.


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