The weekend in a flash

Weekends are so precious and especially so because sometimes I gotta work, so I try to make the most out of it by squeezing with loads of activities. Gone are the days where I would while the weekend away with facials, manicures/pedicures, massages and long breakfast/tea-breaks. Instead, I try to jam them with fun things to do with Bubs. Yup, priorities sure have changed but they will only remain little for now and before you know it, it will not be cool to hang out with Mama anymore. So, I might as well make the best out of the first good years.

IMG_8983Started the weekend by taking the PM off on Friday with a long-awaited play-date with these lovely Mamas and their bubs who’s around the same age as Bubba. We’ve known each other on Instagram and it’s actually kinda nice to meet in real life after months of commenting on each other photos initially and then chatting with each other on What’s App.

We had an afternoon tea at Group Therapy over at Katong V which thankfully had just enough baby chairs (all of 4) to accommodate us because we basically took out all the seats. They have a lovely menu of waffles and pancakes but I zoomed in for Truffle Fries and those Salted Egg Yolk Fries.

IMG_8796The original plan was to check out a play-gym at Katong V but I had to rush off to pick the Man up so we decided on a quick wefie and then off I went.

IMG_8792Us Mamas in our Tulas. Lusting over the Angelique Tula that Mama Libby recently scored!! And yes, I have been duly poisoned by a couple of other Mamas, Mama Libby and Mama Mag and have gone on to the dark side of Tula-dom. No turning back now, but I absolutely love how buttery soft my WC Glow Nebula Tula feels. 🙂

IMG_8984And on Saturday, we braved the slightly hazey weather and headed to the Grandstand to let the kiddies indulge in some Zoo Moov action. Think giant animal rides on wheels with chirpy nursery rhymes as you zoom up and down with your little one. These rides can be found in most major shopping centres and we love the ones at Parkway Parade.

IMG_8940Look how much fun we are having! Yes, us and not the kiddies. The 2 Sophies’ probably thought their mamas were a little mad. IMG_8936Thanks Mama Libby for the pics! And thanks to the guys at ZooMoov for the invite. It called for some bonding with the kiddies and I’m sure they had fun! Not captured on camera was Sophie-Rose dancing to the beat! 🙂

IMG_8931After the rides, the parentals decided that it was time to feed our tummies. So we adjourned inside to Pasar Bella for coffee and waffles which was sadly a waste of calories. The girls, on the other hand, managed to entertain one another by feeding each other snacks.

IMG_8916Time really does fly. It’s so endearing to see these 2 little girls growing up together and playing with one another. I’m secretly hoping that they will end up being best diaper buds because we definitely enjoy hanging out with the parentals and it sometimes end up with alcohol in tow. Haha..

IMG_9016And, rounding up the weekend, we paid a visit to these special ladies with Bubba. Great Grandma T is now 101 and we had the honor of celebrating her birthday when she turned 99 and then 100. We missed the actual day of her birthday this year, but we still went a knocking to their home just to see how she’s doing. Of course, Bubba made herself right at home by running around. Thankfully, she did bring a couple of smiles to these ladies and Great Grandma T reminded us to cherish the years for they fly by so quickly. Wise words indeed!

IMG_9021After the visit, we headed off to fill our bellies with yummy Italian food with our BFF and Bubba’s Godpa. Thankfully, the little one was exhausted and slept a good 1.5hour as we stuffed our faces silly. She refused to have her packaged rice and decided to just have bread for dinner. I still can’t quite figure out what she absolutely loves (other than raisins and yogurt melts).

What a lovely weekend indeed! Looking forward to the next for it’s going to be a short one as it’s Election Weekend! Woo hoo! 🙂


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