Parentals night out

Talk about an impromptu family night out! Okay, not that impromptu. The Man and I had planned on bringing Bubba out to check out the Anooki light installation at National Museum.

Picked Bubba up from school, had dinner, ran errands and by the time we reached the National Museum after figuring out where to park, it was almost close to 9pm. I had also asked Mama Libby if she would be keen to check it out and we ended up meeting there.IMG_7306The Anooki installation is part of the Singapore Night Festival – the eight installation of the iconic alternative night-time extravaganza of arts, culture and revelry. I’ve heard of it but to be honest, I haven’t gone to check it.

IMG_7158But I thought it would be fun to go take a look, soak in the atmosphere and let Bubba experience something different. Saw the video of the two lovable Inuits on my Instagram feed and thought it would be age-appropriate for the Bub.

IMG_7167 And it was! Bubba who fell asleep in the tula when we arrived at the grounds but woke up subsequently when she heard the music. Thereafter, she remained quite fixated with the sparkling lights on the building.
IMG_7128 The light presentation lasts for about 5 minutes and starts from 7.30pm from 21 August to 29 August. As we missed the front part of the show, we decided to wait for the next installation that came on 6 minutes after. If you think the girlies could stay still and wait it out, well, kinda wrong. So we decided to follow the crowds and head inside the National Museum to check out the other exhibits.

IMG_7171Well, we didn’t get very far to checking out the rest of the exhibits for the beer and satay station excited the dads far more than anything else. So, guess what we did! Ordered a round of beers with food for the parentals while the little ones basically just ran around and played with one another. And oh yes, the dads had to stage these photos. It’s more fun letting the girls hold on to beer bottles as props and teasing them along with it. Girls, no partying now! In about 15 years time, both Mama Libby and I are half-certain your dads will be waiting outside the club for you.

IMG_7307In the words of Mama Libby, ‘Best Night Ever!’ Couldn’t agree more for most Friday nights since Bubba came are usually spent at home. The Night Festival kinda drew us out of our comfort zone. Sure, Bubba’s sleep schedule got messed up by a little but hey, you are talking about Baby No Sleep, remember? Might as well let loose a little and cut just that little slack for the weekend.
IMG_7148It’s so lovely to see our little Sophies’ hanging out, acknowledging each other’s presence and finally playing together. Let’s hope these diaper buds will grow up becoming play-buddies. 🙂

The Singapore Night Festival ends on 29 August. Loads of other things to do and I kinda wish I have the next weekend to go check it out. But I’m fending an impending throat infection (BAH) and I gotta work next weekend, so loads of fluids and rest. But next year? We will be there again!


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