Bubba had a great fall

We co-sleep with Bubba most of the days. Well, it didn’t start out this way but it was much easier trying to deal with a cranky child in the middle of the night so we just left it as that.

Obviously, she has gotten a lot bigger and having to co-sleep with her meant both me and the Man waking up with some neck and back-aches on some days when she prefers to be kicking us. Then there are nights when she would simply roll off to the edge of the bed with me and the Man jumping up to rescue her.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case the other night. The Man was away for business and it meant that us gals had the whole bed to ourselves! I had set up the boundaries and laid them with pillows and bolsters. But that didn’t work. 😦 The Bubs happily kicked and commando crawled in her sleep to the other side. I was asleep and the next thing I knew, I heard a thud and a huge scream.

My heart literally sank as I woke up and rushed to her side, picked her up and hugged her tight. I prayed hard that she would be okay from the fall. I hate falls from the bed and often worry about her head. 😦

It took a while to calm Bubba who was obviously in shock from the fall. I felt so bad! The next day, found a bruise on her forehead which made me feel even worse! So I’ve decided to stick her in her cot for now. It’s better for my aching heart.

IMG_6958 Story of our lives.. the kid who’s an energizer bunny! Thank goodness she’s cute!


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