For the love of flowers

When we run of ideas on what to do, we love heading back to Gardens by the Bay. Well, the Friends of the Gardens by the Bay card often make for a compelling reason for us to head back but usually it’s because it’s pretty convenient to head there. Plus, there’s lots of space for Bubba to roam around appreciating nature in the cool.

IMG_6602 In celebration of National Day, the Flower Dome marked the occasion with an elaborate display of orchids through the “From Tales to Legends: Discover Singapore Stories” Floral Display.

IMG_6633Naturally, we decked Bubba out in a floral Paul Smith dress complete with these gifted Melissa lilac shoes for this outing.

IMG_6582 IMG_6586 IMG_6587 IMG_6608 IMG_6598 IMG_6594 IMG_6595It was a marvellous display of our national flower – the orchid. I’ve never seen so many orchids housed under the same roof. Apparently, more than 8000 orchid plants were brought in for this spectacular showcase to bring 10 different folklore tales to life.

We took a leisurely walk down the maddening crowds of the Flower Dome. Now that we visit the place kinda often, we know how to navigate around the crowds and head to the less crowded areas for photos.
IMG_6567On to the next outing at Gardens! 🙂


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