What a weekend!

IMG_5693Oh boy… what a glorious 4 day Jubilee break we had! Most of our days were spent with this little Missy and some days, she was really testing our patience by simply refusing to take her usual naps. But I guess who could blame her?

IMG_5694We let her soak in the festivities by decking out in cheesy red and white matching outfits.

IMG_5826The Singapore flag came almost everywhere with us the entire weekend and at every possible opportunity, the little one did wave it with gusto! On 9 August at 9am after the declaration by the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was read and the national anthem played out on TV, Bubba waved the flag enthusiastically around the room without losing her focus on the television. That scene was simply too cute and edged in my memory. A tale to pass down when our nation celebrates SG100 perhaps?

IMG_6060The 4-day long weekend did provide us with the opportunity to head out of the country for a quick getaway and my parents had initially wanted to make a family gathering out of it. But we decided how often will we be able to see our little red dot pull out all the stops for a grand celebration? Yeah granted we’ve been talking about SG50 celebrations since 2014 and it’s kinda over-rated. But it did make for a very fun weekend just being able to soak in the different activities. Looks like our little red dot ain’t that boring after all.

On 9 August, we threw a simple dinner celebration with some pals along with a simple floral arrangement of red and white to fit the theme.


Suffice to say, guess who was all knackered from the weekend of too much fun with the parentals? Well, back to regular programming from tomorrow!


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