It’s a SG50 celebration!

We had grand plans for the long Jubilee weekend but the rain on the first day did add a dampener on our parade.. darn… Plus Bubba didn’t want to nap at her usual nap-times, so we put her into the car-seat, went to meet our friends and ended up in at all places – Ikea – for a spot of shopping among the crazy crowds.

As for today? It rained again in the morning and I was contented going to Parkway Parade to hide indoors. But the rain sort of cleared and the Man decided to head towards Marina Bay East to check out the special aerial display by the Black Knights.

Guess who decided to take her morning nap when we arrived and missed the entire show?
Though we were not in the thick of the action where most of the crowds were at the Marina Barrage, our view of the stunning aerial display by the Black Knights were not too bad too! The sun did come out to play during that time and  we ended up perspiring loads while clutching on to a sleeping Bubba.

Kinda wished I had my camera to take proper pictures but these pictures by my iPhone would have to suffice for now. After the adrenaline-rush show by the Black Knights, we headed to Parkway Parade for a spot of lunch and some shopping. Had intended to put Bubba down for her second nap of the day but she simply refused to sleep and preferred to mess up her room instead. So we left her to be.

Again, we had grand plans – to check out the Heritage light show over at the Fullerton Hotel at 8pm followed by the fireworks at the Marina Bay area. Guess what this petit Rebelle decide to do? She fell asleep and missed all of this…

  Yup! Slept through all the loud noises! I baby-wore her this time round and bought a portable fan to keep her cool. Yes, we learn from our experiences.

I guess this post is written to serve as a memory for her, that she did participate in the much-awaited SG50 celebrations together with her crazy parentals who enjoyed it far more than she probably did.

If you are wondering what else is left to do for the rest of the Jubilee Weekend, this nifty guide may come in handy. It’s so nice to be able to soak in the celebratory atmosphere so let’s see where we will end up on Monday!


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