Taking stock..

Howdy folks!IMG_4905Yes, I’m finally back into action! After 3 days of trying to sort out my photos function/ software and trying to but make any sense of the entire layout. I got a new hard-disk, transferred all my precious photos over and then reorganised my albums. During the past couple of days, I experienced frustration for the layout that I have been so used is no longer familiar to me. I grumbled at how the entire landscape had changed and how annoying it had been to even try and upload photos when composing my blog-post. I felt defeated by mere technology.

Then it got me thinking.. change! Perhaps I wasn’t that accustomed to change as I thought I was going to be. Just a change in layout and an upgrade to a supposed better version of software got me in a tizzy for 4 days. I was short of throwing a hissy fit. At who? I dunno.. but I knew that I could not do anything but try my darnest to embrace change.

Perhaps this whole episode is rather timely as I reflected on what was going on at the workplace as well. As much as we tried to plan to the best of our ability a major event, it looks like a spanner could possibly been thrown into the works and now, we have to think quick on our feet and try to see if we can activate Plan B.

IMG_4754Of course, it’s easy to feel disheartened, discouraged and that seriously, ‘This has to happen to us?’ But I guess that’s life! They throw you lemons and what do you intend to do with it? Thankfully, I like lemons and will make lemonade or lemon tarts with it. Just don’t let this sort of incidents happen too often ok? My poor heart might not be able to make it.

So, yes, hopefully, behind every cloud, there is a silver lining and I’m praying for the stars to be aligned for that silver lining to happen.

IMG_4752If you are wondering why I’m putting Bubba’s pictures on to a blog-post that has no mention about Bubba? Well, because I thought they are too cute not to be shared. Haha.. Looks like the dynamic duo didn’t quite echo my thoughts. Check out their ‘HUH’ expression which probably summed it all.

Wish both me and Calendar Gurl loads of luck to pull this through…


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