French toasties for Bubba

How has your long weekend been treating you all? For us? Well, the Bub is still recovering from a nasty cough and cold and she has sort of passed it over to me. Sniffs.. so we literally took it easy.

IMG_4047With a sudden inspiration to whip up a simple meal to cheer the Bubs, I made these French Toasties for the little one.

IMG_4048 And it was too difficult to make really. All I did to put this recipe together was an egg, some milk and cinnamon powder (for flavouring). Put the bread in the mixture and then pan-fried them with some butter. To finish off, I dusted it with some cinnamon sugar on top of the french toast fingers.

IMG_4054How did it go down with the petit food critic?

Well, she did picked at it for a bit, ate some and then decided it was more fun feeding it to Sparky. Will try making this for her again since it’s relatively simple to whip up. Maybe if she’s exposed it this dish more often, she might be more receptive to it.


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