Letter to Sophie X 13

Dearest Bubba,

Not sure if I have the energy to continue these monthly letters but it’s a lovely way to look at how quickly you have grown in the past month. A reminder that we should not take time for granted for once it’s gone, we can never get it back.IMG_4082My little baby girl has somewhat lost her baby-ness and quickly looking like a little girl these days. You’re now somewhat a whizz at walking and prefer to be on your feet most of the time.

IMG_4153You have learnt the skill of arching your back as a form of protest to show your displeasure. Man, when you do that, it’s so to calm you down when you are hysterical. But thankfully, that happens once in a blue moon, most of the time, you are a happy and chirpy bird who prefers to babble.

In other news, you have taken ill for a quite a while now. 2.5 weeks and counting, to be exact. It pains us to see you sneezing and hacking away. According to many parents, it is pretty common for young toddlers to fall ill as it’s a form of building immunity. I guess we aren’t particularly overprotective as you are mostly active. So we just gotta ride this one out. Be healthy soon my Bubba so I can bring you out to play.


Most days, she has ‘stunned like a vegetable’ (see above pic) and laughing till our sides hurt.

Stay happy and chirpy, my dear Bubba!

xoxo: Mama


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