Baby Pancakes

Bubba no longer likes to have cereal for breakfast when she’s at home. So other than bread, I’ve been fretting over what I should prepare for her breakfast. Finally decided to get off my butt one day and made these baby pancakes for her.

IMG_0503I’m trying my darnest to recall which recipe I used to make these pancakes but for the life of me, I can’t seem to find it now. Mummy’s brains is not an urban legend – fact!

IMG_0497Anyway, looking at the pictures, I think I went with a super simple recipe with just flour and egg plus a pinch of cinnamon powder. Mixed all together into a batter and then off to the pan it went.

IMG_0498Mini pancakes for the little one.

IMG_0502I think she was more fascinated playing with the pancakes then having them.
IMG_0508Well, she did have 1.5 of these mini pancakes before ending up throwing the rest all around her. We also served the pancakes with some cream cheese since she loved cheese.

IMG_0506Mini pancakes somewhat a success but I’m going to try and find another palatable one that she would devour more readily.


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