Things to do with Bubba: Singapore Cable Car ride

L1010824The Man and I took leave to celebrate Bubba’s birthday. I think as long as I am able to, I would like to take leave to celebrate her special day. It’s my special way of commemorating her birth.

And we had grand plans too! We had wanted to bring her to the Zoo. Her fave storybook is Dear Zoo and we thought it would be pretty cool to bring her to the Zoo for her to see some of the animals in her fave book.

IMG_3158 Unfortunately, the weather didn’t quite hold up. It was a little over-cast with skies so grey that it threatened to rain. We decided to post-pone the trip to a time when sunny skies greeted us instead. So we changed plans. I had wanted to check out the Polliwogs playgym at Harbourfront but a detour to Mount Faber saw us taking a cable car ride to Sentosa instead.

The Singapore Cable Car Sky Network has recently been relaunched and it looked like a fun way to head over to Sentosa. I used to recall going on Cable Car rides with my family and we loved looking over Sentosa from way up high. It’s like taking a mini plane-ride. So it was kinda nostalgic for us to bring Bubba on her very first cable car ride.
L1010797We purchased the Mount Faber Line + Sentosa Line Sky Pass which cost us S$19 each and headed straight for our ride. I was surprised at how large and spacious the new cable car is. It allowed us to push our stroller right up into the cable car.

L1010796I guess it must be our lucky day for the first cabin that we were whisked into saw this floral decor display. Bubba couldn’t be more thrilled as she looked and pointed excitedly at the flowers all around the cable car.
IMG_1834IMG_3159The first ride that we took from Mount Faber to the Merlion Station was pretty smooth and quick. Bubba joyfully pointed out of the window and babbled away as we tried our best to show her the different sights of Sentosa from way up high.

IMG_1858She looked down curiously at the tiny humans when the cable car whizzed past the Adventure Cove Waterpark. Actually, I thought it was pretty cool to check out Sentosa from way up high. It’s been ages since we thoroughly checked out Sentosa in detail and to do it from a bird’s eye view gives us a different perspective of the island which we made a mental note of where we should go next time with Bubba.

L1010810The first pit-stop was at the Merlion Park where we transferred to the Sentosa Line and stopped at the Siloso Point Station to refuel over lunch. We had been hopeful that our Baby No Sleep would then fall asleep if I tula-ed her around. But nope, our little Energiser Bunny was more contented with checking out the island’s attractions with us. Perhaps, she knew it was her special day as well, so adrenaline kept her going.


This little outing to check out Sentosa via the Cable Car Sky Network took us nearly 3 hours to and from Mount Faber where we parked our car. I thought it was a pretty cool way to get across to Sentosa without much fuss and the newly refurbished cable cars made for such a comfy ride for the tiny humans. Baby-friendly indeed. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Things to do with Bubba: Singapore Cable Car ride

  1. Ai Sakura says:

    Growing up, my mum always let me skip school on my birthdays (as long as I didn’t have any tests or exams) so now I’d take leave from work on my birthdays too haha. With Lil Pumpkin, I always take leave for her birthdays as well to spend her special day with her. I think it’s a great way to assure them as well that no matter what, we will always put them before work 😛

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. Bumble Bee Mum says:

    How come there are flowers?? So nice!! My elder boy has been bugging me to bring him for the cable car ride. But I don’t know… I’m someone who would cease every opportunity to ride a cable car or ropeway overseas no matter how expensive they are. Yet in my own hometown, I procrastinate and procrastinate.

  3. Phoebe says:

    I believe no matter where you bring your little one to celebrate, the presence is most important. It is lovely to have both daddy and mommy to be by her side on her birthday ^_^

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