Sparkanauts Leyun Chinese Programme Launch


IMG_3637After a one week break from her Sparkanauts class because of the fever virus, we brought Bubba back to her Baby Cadet class. She’s making progress and Teacher Rachel may just promote her to the Cadet class! Yay for that! We can’t wait to see how Bubba will fare at the next level and the different activities she would be exposed to.

Apart from the sessions that include both physical and intellectual components to learning, Sparkanauts is excited to launch their new Chinese Programme – Leyun (乐云)from August 2015. The programme is catered for children from the age of 18 months – 30 months (parents accompanied classes) & 3 – 5 years old (non parent accompanied classes).

With the strengths of Sparkanauts’ English holistic development curriculum, and the expertise of their Chinese Curriculum Specialist, your child will be in for an exciting and fun learning environment while developing their interest in the Chinese language.

Sounds pretty interesting and I will probably be on a look-out for this as we are looking to transition Bubba into a Chinese programme to expose her to the language. But that’s for another time and we probably won’t look at it till she’s 18 months.

LeyunTrialSpecial Pre-launch Trial Class Price

For the term starting 4 August 2015, Sparkanauts will be offering readers of my blog a special preview price. Leyun trial classes between the period 13 July to 31 July 2015 will cost $10 instead of the usual $48.

For more information, or to register, kindly email and attend their trial classes before 31 July 2015 to enjoy the special offer.

Note: This review is part of the Sparkanauts sponsorship that they have very kindly given to Bubba.  No additional monetary rewards were given.  


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