Happy Dada’s Day

IMG_2250To the most special Man in our lives (other than Sparky), we rocked Father’s Day in a simple way starting with matching Father-and-Bubba outfits for the day and a photo of his fave kids in one photo. I thought we did pretty well in that department.

IMG_2247Actually most of the time, the pictures turned out like the above one. Bubba trying to move around and the fur-kid who couldn’t really care less about any picture. The stars were definitely aligned for us to get that one winning shot of all the kiddos.

IMG_2257With no grand plans made for the day, we decided to head to our new fave hangout – Gardens by the Bay. Having put my money down for the annual Friends of Gardens by the Bay card, I decided to rope the Man in as well. After all, it’s more fun for us to go check out the Gardens together.

IMG_2256We loved the Nursery Rhymes display at the Flower Dome and wasted no time to head back there. I didn’t really manage to finish the short tour of the featured nursery rhymes and had wanted to look at the floral displays in greater detail.

IMG_2255Guess who was also excited about heading out to the Flower Dome? With her new fave word of the day – Flower, Bubba was extremely intrigued by the floral displays that greeted us almost every turn. It helped that the Flower Dome was really cool, so we need about shielding her from the sun and the nursery rhymes that played in the background added a spring to our steps.

IMG_2280Tip: If you are planning to visit the Flower Dome on a weekend when they have a special display, best to try and hit the Flower Dome between 9.30 – 11am. It was pretty pleasant in the morning and made for a leisurely walk with proper photos before the crowds descended.

IMG_2271Bubba is such a Daddy’s girl. Well, she’s definitely got the Man all tied up around her little finger (in a good sort of way).

IMG_2291Bubba taking a closer look at Humpty Dumpty. We learned a couple of these classic rhymes when she attended the music class, so it was nice for her to relieve those memories as we bobbed to the beat.

Also, with the annual pass, you will definitely see us back at the Gardens checking out the different things to do with our little one in tow. Till the next trip…

IMG_2286Happy first Father’s Day, Dada!! We love you loads!!



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